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“Ultima Thule” –Nazi Legacy Lurks at Farthest Reaches of Our Solar System 17 May 2019
Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs? 17 May 2019
‘Credible’ Hudson Valley UFO Sighting Makes CBS Evening News 17 May 2019
When Top Gun Pilots Tangled with a Baffling Tic-Tac-Shaped UFO 17 May 2019
Pilot reports UFO sighting in Turkish skies; says 'never seen something like this before' 17 May 2019
Mystery as 'pill UFO' spotted three times in 11 days across US in bizarre footage 17 May 2019
Life Beyond Earth? Scientific Community Making Search For UFOs Mainstream 17 May 2019
The X-Files Revealed: The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program 17 May 2019
US Ship Finds Mysterious ‘GHOST SHIP,’ Whole Crew Dead. What Happens Next Is Shocking 17 May 2019
I-Team: A look at how Bob Lazar interviews match up with Pentagon's admission of studying UFOs 16 May 2019
Billy Cox: After the gunsmoke clears 16 May 2019
Man who detailed UFO secrets decades ago helped launch Area 51 stampede 16 May 2019
The Problems with the “British Bigfoot” 15 May 2019
Eerie footage shows black and red ‘UFO’ hovering over car as terrified driver bursts into tears 14 May 2019
New Report Ranks Best States for Spotting Bigfoot 11 May 2019
'That is the molted skin of a demon': Mystery creature's carcass discovered in Florida woman's backyard sets Twitter alight 11 May 2019
Black Shuck of Barham, the hell hound that chased two men before vanishing into thin air 07 May 2019
Filers Files #19 -2019 UK Report on Black Triangles 07 May 2019
Yellowstone Volcano in bizarre UFO sighting video – is it about to blow? 07 May 2019
Liberty Man Says He Captured A UFO On Facebook Live 07 May 2019
The Nellis Air Force Base UFO Sightings – A Case Study 05 May 2019
Is This U.S. 2017 Patent to Deflect Asteroids, Nuclear Missiles and Strong Solar Prominences A “Gift” From Friendly E.T.s?(probably not ;-) 04 May 2019
Area 51 BOMBSHELL: Could papers prove FBI raided property looking for stolen substance? 04 May 2019
UFO Disclosure: What Will the Public Really Be Allowed to Know? 03 May 2019
'If a light comes shooting out, I'm running': Australian woman shares footage of mysterious 'UFO' hovering over idyllic holiday hotspot 02 May 2019
Yeti PROOF? Indian army finds mysterious footprints in snow of the Himalayas - shock claim 30 April 2019
More Mysterious Booms in Arkansas and Missouri. 26 April 2019
‘My daughter thinks aliens operated on her’: Every UFO sighting in Bristol listed on tracking website 21 April 2019
Triangular ‘craft’ seen over Texas sparks claims USAF’s secret spy plane has been FOUND 15 April 2019
Ex-US Marine films HUGE object above nuclear power plant 15 April 2019
Mysterious UFO Recorded Hovering over the Island of Barbados 15 April 2019
Plane passengers baffled as 'UFO splits into six pieces and vanishes in mid-air' 11 April 2019
USOs, Metamaterials, and TTSA UFO Updates 11 April 2019
Top-secret government investigation ‘probed health effects of UFO encounters’ 08 April 2019
UFOs Around the World: Brazil 08 April 2019
TV producer sues CIA scientist in bid to end UFO secrecy and expose a secret project to develop anti-gravity technology 06 April 2019
The enduring legend of Bigfoot 06 April 2019
Richard Dolan Calls TTSA “Limited Disclosure That Marginalizes Serious UFO Info” 04 April 2019
"Appeared to have some sort of landing appendages" - UFO Photographed Over AZ 04 April 2019
Russia Says “Super Soldiers” Can Crash Computers With Telepathy 04 April 2019
The Stardrive Report -- Edition 5: Dr. Bruce Cornet on his discovery of a massive underground alien artifact 04 April 2019
Alleged Bigfoot Seen and Recorded Walking Up Mountain in Utah 03 April 2019
UFO, Ghost Ship or Submarine? VIDEO of Giant Floating Object Stuns Netizens 03 April 2019
New search for Bigfoot underway in Mt. Hood Forest 02 April 2019
Where's Bigfoot? Missoula, naturally. Montana's 47 Sasquatch sightings most plentiful in two counties 01 April 2019
Mysterious '8ft' figure spotted on snowy mountain sparks bigfoot conspiracy frenzy 01 April 2019
Searching for Sasquatch 27 March 2019
Hearing Bigfoot a life-changing event for Moses Lake man 23 March 2019
How can we track UFOs if spotters worry what friends will say? 22 March 2019
Authorities Hunt for Bigfoot in Argentina? 22 March 2019
'Falling' object in Anchorage skies caught on video 22 March 2019
Possible Athletic Bigfoot Spotted in Argentina 21 March 2019
Bigfoot Pushing tree in the U.K 21 March 2019
Rock Hill man says he saw a UFO near his home. He’s not alone. 20 March 2019
'Alien in my backyard:' The UFO community still believes — and science is starting to listen 19 March 2019
Luis Elizondo "UFOs ARE Real"- Scientific Conference on Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena March 15, 2019 19 March 2019
Air Controller Wowed By Pilot's Ability To See Mystery Object Over Las Vegas With Night Vision (Updated) 18 March 2019
Mysterious UFO crash lands in 'HIROSHIMA bomb meteorite' site in Russia 18 March 2019
Metamaterials Not Housed In Vegas Claim Bigelow Managers 10 March 2019
Filer’s Files #10 – 2019 Time Travelers 10 March 2019
Some believe mysterious tracks in Medical Lake belong to Bigfoot 09 March 2019
A Whistleblower and a Bizarre Theory for the Chupacabra 09 March 2019
Bigfoot Saves Family From Tornado Wreckage 06 March 2019
Mysterious 'Alien' Lights on UK Shore Leave Netizens Puzzled (VIDEO) 05 March 2019
Pilots Report Large Square UFOs Over United Kingdom 03 March 2019
Triangle UFO Images Captured in Orlando Sparks USAF Secret Space Program Debate 02 March 2019
UFOs Return to Peruvian Airport and Hover for Almost an Hour 02 March 2019
Footage of spooky spinning UFO in Wales declared GENUINE by expert 02 March 2019
Former Sen. Reid wants UFO studies made public 28 February 2019
Decapitated Bigfoot Discovery 26 February 2019
Fiery Disc Filmed North of Dallas/Fort Worth Area 26 February 2019
UFO spotted live on Channel 3 NBC sparks alien invasion fear 25 February 2019
Hiker Follows Bigfoot And Records him 25 February 2019
Insiders Give Clues About What’s Next 23 February 2019
The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams: Think premonitions are just hokum? A tantalizing book by a top neuroscientist will send shivers down your spine 20 February 2019
Multiple Pilots Report ‘Unidentified Nocturnal Lights’ Over England 18 February 2019
‘We are not alone’: WA Police reveal footage of mystery light in sky 17 February 2019
Sasquatch Sightings in the Hudson Valley 17 February 2019
"Foreign Aerospace Threats", "Emerging and Disruptive Technologies", "Potential Capabilities", "Technological Surprise"..... AAWSAP and AATIP Dwarfed by the Air Force's Massive National Air and Space Intelligence Center 17 February 2019
Pilots baffled as they see UFOs over Gloucestershire with other sightings over the M5 and towards Bristol 17 February 2019
NASA BOMBSHELL: How ISS feed was CUT after 21 anomalies appeared during Discovery mission 15 February 2019
Bizarre Chase Through High Security Nevada Nuclear Test Site Ends In Deadly Shooting 14 February 2019
UFOs: Looking Beyond the Extraterrestrial Theory 14 February 2019
SpaceX alien shock: UFO-hunters spot SPACESHIP during International Space Station link-up 14 February 2019
'We're not alone': Two men spot UFOs in Bend 13 February 2019
Alien UFO or secret military drill? Strange lights over Texas sparks debate 13 February 2019
'Alien INVASION?' Russian satellite spots bright blasts in atmosphere - scientists BAFFLED 12 February 2019
Bigfoot-like 8ft ginger ‘Yowie’ apeman secretly living alongside humans in Australia 11 February 2019
The Pentagon does have ‘mystery metals that came from UFOs’, says former government insider 11 February 2019
Was there a US$5 million AATIP style Department of Defense study group between 1983-1985? 09 February 2019
Attention law enforcement officers and government employees who have had a Sasquatch encounter 08 February 2019
How the US kept tabs on UFO sightings and Yeti hunting in Nepal 08 February 2019
Shocked dad spots 'otherworldly UFO' hovering near his garden 07 February 2019
Experts shocked by these mysterious “baby rat aliens” found crawling in a kitchen - Watch 07 February 2019
Nick Pope – Recently Released Government Documents – February 5, 2019 05 February 2019
Part 3: Terry Lovelace’s Telepathic Exchange with Female Asian-Looking Humanoid 04 February 2019
Alien or hoax? Humanoid UFO spotted in Canada sparks debate 04 February 2019
The Stardrive Report -- Edition 3: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Maccabee 03 February 2019