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'Like a bear and lion rolled into one': Yowie hunter opens up about his 25-year hunt to prove the elusive beast exists - and the 'top spots' to view them 18 July 2019
Suspected Alien Activity Over Rome? 16 July 2019
'Storm Area 51' social media movement is 'getting somewhat out of hand,' says UFO expert (morons) 16 July 2019
Searching for Bigfoot in Reavis Valley 16 July 2019
UFOs and the Communist Party – a Strange Tale 11 July 2019
Pilot films two circular objects flying over Grand Canyon sparking UFO conspiracy meltdown 09 July 2019
Trump's opinion on UFOs: Nope -- but you never know 06 July 2019
Clearest Bigfoot ‘sighting’ yet as famous 1967 Patterson–Gimlin footage in California is given full colour 4K high-definition makeover 04 July 2019
Mystery as object plunges from sky before speeding off at breakneck speed over Colorado 04 July 2019
UK scientists ask what first words to aliens should be - what on Earth would you say? ('Who are you, and WTF do you want?') 02 July 2019
Docs Show Navy Got 'UFO' Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances 29 June 2019
Meet Silicon Valley's UFO Hunters 28 June 2019
UFO Shooting Down Helicopter Will Be Featured on Unidentified Says Delonge 17 June 2019
"NOT HUMAN": People Are Sighting These "Things" Everywhere.. 16 June 2019
Luis Elizondo: Why is the government finally admitting UFOs are real, and why should we pay attention? 15 June 2019
Trump says he was briefed on Navy sightings of UFOs 15 June 2019
Nevada, Area 51 and UFOs: Myth No More? 14 June 2019
Mysterious white UFO is filmed hovering over Area 51 by hikers who also capture a giant new aircraft hangar, as military helicopters patrol and jets land 14 June 2019
Beyond UFOs: What Are Navy Pilots Seeing in the Skies? 14 June 2019
'This can't be real' | Shelby woman says she's seen sasquatch in the woods by her home 13 June 2019
UFO mystery as snake-like lights filmed slithering over California desert 13 June 2019
Navy F/A-18 Pilot Shares New Details About UFO Encounters During Middle East Deployment 12 June 2019
Billy Cox: The UFO leak of the century (?) 12 June 2019
Multiple UFOs seen in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah - June 4, 2019 10 June 2019
Navy Pilots are Seeing UFOs. Are They from Russia, China, or Somewhere Beyond? 09 June 2019
UFO LEAK OF THE CENTURY. Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Notes 09 June 2019
Bizarre video of creature resembling Dobby the elf of 'Harry Potter' caught on home camera 09 June 2019
Disclosure Bombshell! Eric Davis Meeting Notes With Admiral Tom Wilson 09 June 2019
Tom DeLonge’s Origin Story For To The Stars Academy Describes A Government UFO Info Operation 07 June 2019
Open Minds Podcast with Luis Elizondo, Former Head of the Pentagon’s UFO Project 07 June 2019
UFOs in Wisconsin: 1968 Roswell-like incident, more tales in Manitowoc library event 07 June 2019
“An enforcement arm of the UFOnauts” 07 June 2019
On Bigfoot’s trail 05 June 2019
New documents reveal FBI investigated Bigfoot in 1970s 05 June 2019
UFOs are real, But don't assume they're alien spaceships 04 June 2019
The new American religion of UFOs 04 June 2019
UFO Evidence Can't Be Ignored Anymore, UK Expert Says Read Newsmax: UFO Evidence Can't Be Ignored Anymore, UK Expert Says 03 June 2019
Daytime Sighting of Mystery Disc Caught on Camera 02 June 2019
The truth is out there. Are any 2020 candidates going to address it? 02 June 2019
Irishman left baffled after number of UFOs spotted zipping across sky and bouncing above houses in Dundrum 02 June 2019
UFO spotted in China amid naval exercise 02 June 2019
UFO Caught on Camera Moments Before Cloaking and Hiding 02 June 2019
UFOs go mainstream? 01 June 2019
AATIP/Pentagon UFO Hotspot Map 01 June 2019
Former Military Intelligence Official: ‘Low Probability’ UFO Technology Is Of This World 01 June 2019
UFO sighting: US Navy pilots spot ‘fast-flying objects’ during late-night training 01 June 2019
Do these Pentagon pictures prove UFOs ARE real? TOM LEONARD investigates after US Navy pilots claimed to have spotted fast-flying objects during late-night training 01 June 2019
'Giant Tic Tac' and Other Hypersonic UFOs Spotted by Navy Pilots 30 May 2019
UFOs pose ‘vital national security issue’: ex-defense official 30 May 2019
Tom DeLonge: America has Been Investigating UFOs for Years. Time for the Rest of Us To Catch Up | Opinion 30 May 2019
UFO Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant • 18 mei 2019 30 May 2019
What We Know About The U.S. Navy's UFO Problem 30 May 2019
UFO sightings by U.S. Navy should be taken seriously — but not too seriously, says astronomer Social Sharing 30 May 2019
UFOs have come out of the fringe and into the mainstream 29 May 2019
New Zealand: Sinister and Supernatural UFO Incidents 29 May 2019
Extraterrestrial Organic Matter Found in Remote South African Mountains 29 May 2019
Former US defense official: We know UFOs are real - here's why that's concerning 29 May 2019
Explosive new UFO encounter interview clips with Navy pilots from 'Unidentified' 28 May 2019
AATIP FOIA requests to the Defense Intelligence Agency- the 2017/2018 log is now online 28 May 2019
Another explosive New York Times article about the US Navy and UAP 28 May 2019
Why the UFO story is far more interesting than you think 28 May 2019
“I almost hit one of those things!” And the UFO looked like “a sphere encasing a cube.” 28 May 2019
Bigfoot proof? Two 'sightings in a week' spark theories mythical yeti is real 28 May 2019
US Navy Pilot reports of UFOs go mainstream 28 May 2019
Multiple F/A-18 Pilots Disclose Recent UFOs Encounters, New Radar Tech Key In Detection 28 May 2019
German flying discs or fake? 28 May 2019
UFO ‘bigger than football field' spotted hovering over LA 27 May 2019
‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects 27 May 2019
Brazil's Bigfoot Creatures. Many Witnesses Come Forward 24 May 2019
Mysterious object spotted in sky sparks car chase as motorist tries to film 'craft' 22 May 2019
Intelligence Analysts Urge U.S. Congress to Investigate UFOs 21 May 2019
These 5 UFO Traits, Seen by Navy Fighters, Defy Explanation 20 May 2019
From the X Files –“The Pentagon’s UFO Intrigue” 19 May 2019
Has Voynich Manuscript Been Decoded? Mysterious Book May Be Written in Proto-Romance Language 18 May 2019
“Ultima Thule” –Nazi Legacy Lurks at Farthest Reaches of Our Solar System 17 May 2019
Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs? 17 May 2019
‘Credible’ Hudson Valley UFO Sighting Makes CBS Evening News 17 May 2019
When Top Gun Pilots Tangled with a Baffling Tic-Tac-Shaped UFO 17 May 2019
Pilot reports UFO sighting in Turkish skies; says 'never seen something like this before' 17 May 2019
Mystery as 'pill UFO' spotted three times in 11 days across US in bizarre footage 17 May 2019
Life Beyond Earth? Scientific Community Making Search For UFOs Mainstream 17 May 2019
The X-Files Revealed: The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program 17 May 2019
US Ship Finds Mysterious ‘GHOST SHIP,’ Whole Crew Dead. What Happens Next Is Shocking 17 May 2019
I-Team: A look at how Bob Lazar interviews match up with Pentagon's admission of studying UFOs 16 May 2019
Billy Cox: After the gunsmoke clears 16 May 2019
Man who detailed UFO secrets decades ago helped launch Area 51 stampede 16 May 2019
The Problems with the “British Bigfoot” 15 May 2019
Eerie footage shows black and red ‘UFO’ hovering over car as terrified driver bursts into tears 14 May 2019
New Report Ranks Best States for Spotting Bigfoot 11 May 2019
'That is the molted skin of a demon': Mystery creature's carcass discovered in Florida woman's backyard sets Twitter alight 11 May 2019
Black Shuck of Barham, the hell hound that chased two men before vanishing into thin air 07 May 2019
Filers Files #19 -2019 UK Report on Black Triangles 07 May 2019
Yellowstone Volcano in bizarre UFO sighting video – is it about to blow? 07 May 2019
Liberty Man Says He Captured A UFO On Facebook Live 07 May 2019
The Nellis Air Force Base UFO Sightings – A Case Study 05 May 2019
Is This U.S. 2017 Patent to Deflect Asteroids, Nuclear Missiles and Strong Solar Prominences A “Gift” From Friendly E.T.s?(probably not ;-) 04 May 2019
Area 51 BOMBSHELL: Could papers prove FBI raided property looking for stolen substance? 04 May 2019
UFO Disclosure: What Will the Public Really Be Allowed to Know? 03 May 2019
'If a light comes shooting out, I'm running': Australian woman shares footage of mysterious 'UFO' hovering over idyllic holiday hotspot 02 May 2019
Yeti PROOF? Indian army finds mysterious footprints in snow of the Himalayas - shock claim 30 April 2019
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