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Pre-computer laws blamed for UFO hacker's plight 30 November 2010
Wikileaks: Brown's McKinnon plea was 'ignored' by US 30 November 2010
North Korea has 'cutting-edge nuclear fusion technology'? Not likely 29 November 2010
Will Proof of Extraterrestrial Life Be Revealed at a Ramada Inn? 29 November 2010
Nick Herbert's Song of Quantum Reality 26 November 2010
Jet, space junk, or UFO? 26 November 2010
Blast From The Past 1996 26 November 2010
UFO hovers above while Maine witnesses report movement on the ground 26 November 2010
UFOs or lanterns? The mystery deepens. 26 November 2010
The Strange Case Of Frederick Valentich 23 November 2010
Report: Nuclear weapon drivers sometimes got drunk 22 November 2010
Mysterious horse deaths have family seeking answers 19 November 2010
Sightings and theories abound in UFO riddle 19 November 2010
UFO...or a trick of the light? 18 November 2010
Nazi spaceship film sparks UFO debate 18 November 2010
Mysterious Dudley Dorito UFO spotted over UK skies for the third time in three years 18 November 2010
Demonic Attack at Trinidad School? 16 November 2010
A Romantic Chinese encounter with E.T. 16 November 2010
Chinese submarine was not the first on US coast 15 November 2010
'Giant meteors' rain over the UK 15 November 2010
Lt. General Mcinerney on Mystery Missile: "I am absolutely certain that is not an aircraft" 15 November 2010
Huge Triangle Shaped UFO Over California 15 November 2010
UFO studies offer glimpse of the future 15 November 2010
Two triangle UFOs Spotted Over Germantown, Maryland 14 November 2010
10 Famous American UFO Reports: Fact or Fiction? 14 November 2010
UFO Conflict Reports Continue from Arizona 12 November 2010
The Burning Bush They’ll Buy, but Not ESP or Alien Abduction 12 November 2010
Wayne Madsen: China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California 12 November 2010
What Happened to the LA Mystery Missile Story? 12 November 2010
A Retired US Navy Fire Control Technician's Opinion on the Mystery Missile 11 November 2010
Helicopter Video of Yet Another Missile-like Object -- This Time Over New York City 11 November 2010
Bigfoot Caught on Videotape in North Carolina Woods? 11 November 2010
Mystery Missile Question Solved? Not! 11 November 2010
Blogger Believes Webcam Image Solves 'Missile' Mystery (Hhhmm) 11 November 2010
Fox News: Mystery Solved? Missile Launch Could Be a Jet Contrail 09 November 2010
Pentagon working to solve mystery missile launch 09 November 2010
LA Times: “Mystery missile” was probably an aircraft, government says 09 November 2010
More Speculation on the LA (and possibly Phoenix?) Mystery Missile 09 November 2010
NY Post: Pentagon calls mystery misile 'unexplained,' cannot rule out threat 09 November 2010
CBS News: Pentagon Can't Explain "Missile" off California 09 November 2010
Jet contrails from some angles look like missile trails 09 November 2010
Mystery Missile Over Los Angeles: If You Were Asia, Would You Be Runnin' Scared? 09 November 2010
US Defense Department Cannot Explain Unidentified Missile Launched Off LA 09 November 2010
VIDEO: Blue-Colored UFO in Centreville 08 November 2010
Destiny Matrix 2012 -- Free 11/7/10 online version 07 November 2010
A Scientific Analysis of Alleged Alien Implants? 06 November 2010
Mystery surrounds firm touting 'inertialess drive' 05 November 2010
Meet Big Foot's Chinese cousin 05 November 2010
UNM scientists dig for flying saucer at Roswell 05 November 2010
30 Years Later, Tense UFO Encounter Leaves Military Officers Shaken 05 November 2010
Video Compilation of Webcam Photos of UFOs Over New York City 04 November 2010
Parcel Bomb Plot and OCTOBER RED Psychic Spy Timeline: Predicting the next wave of terror attacks 04 November 2010
Controversial Book Declassifies UFO Phenomenon 04 November 2010
UFO tape released after 30-year mystery but fails to explain phenomena 04 November 2010
UFO Conspiracy Theories has Holes (sic) 02 November 2010
'Close Encounters' landing zone: UFOs and American Indians 02 November 2010
Rendlesham UFO tapes emerge 02 November 2010
A Q&A With UFO Journalist Leslie Kean 31 October 2010
Rendlesham Revealed: New evidence in UFO mystery 31 October 2010
VIDEO: A UFO Crash Retrieval in Garden Grove, CA, or Elaborate Hollywood Film Promotional Stunt? 30 October 2010
More Videos of the October Mass UFO Flyover 30 October 2010
Why Are Alien Contact Drills Being Performed in British Schools? 30 October 2010
Researcher: Proof Of Alien Life 30 October 2010
B.C. woman claims 'visitations' from UFOs 30 October 2010
Is NASA Covering Up the 100-Year Starship? 29 October 2010
Another Mass UFO Sighting in Chile on October 23, 2010. 28 October 2010
Sleuths study ancient UFOs 28 October 2010
My close encounter with UFO has left me baffled 28 October 2010
Did Alleged UFO Contactee Billy Meier Predict the Iraq War Back in 1958? 26 October 2010
Quantum Teleportation: Synchronicity and ESP 26 October 2010
UFO photographed over England 25 October 2010
New Video of October 23, 2010 Mass UFO Sighting Over Pennsylvania/Delaware 25 October 2010
Unexpected Development: MUFON Maverick Breaks Ranks, Supports Billy Meier UFO Case! 25 October 2010
Retired Turkish general claims close encounter with UFOs 24 October 2010
Regarding My October 23rd Mass UFO Sighting Prediction 24 October 2010
CIA's not so 'fair game' of spies, lies, and fMRIs? 21 October 2010
Owners may be nearing answers to cow mutilation mystery 21 October 2010
UFOs photographed in Kunming at night 21 October 2010
UFO disclosure has happened! Did you notice? 20 October 2010
VIDEO: UFOs Over New York and El Paso 20 October 2010
UFO Research Group Refuses to Investigate... Only Real UFO Contact Case 19 October 2010
MSMBS: UFOs explained, from N.Y. to Texas 19 October 2010
Michael Savage talks about my theory to millions of listeners 19 October 2010
High Strangeness: Our Haunted Seas 19 October 2010
Human mind and UFOs: Dilemmas and dangers 19 October 2010
They said the 'UFO' over New York was just balloons... how do they explain the El Paso mirror image 19 October 2010
Rumors of 'Alien UFO Invasion' UFO decloakings multiply 19 October 2010
Space planes compete with UFOs on sub-orbital flights 18 October 2010
Enormous Ring is Developing on the Sun 18 October 2010
Commentary: God is an alien, according to this author 17 October 2010
Adequate preparedness of public on UFOs, discoveries? 17 October 2010
UFOs over New York: Just Blame it on the kids! 15 October 2010
NYC Sighting: UFO or Balloons 15 October 2010
UFOs: Are we too anxious to make contact or are the explanations getting better? 15 October 2010
Three Texas MUFON reports describe UFOs taking off from ground level 14 October 2010
UFO Over New York City: Why The Sudden Spurt in UFO Sightings? 14 October 2010
Yet Another MSM Explanation for the October 13th Manhattan UFO Sighting? 14 October 2010
UFO? NYC kids say no, mysterious floating orbs were escaped balloons from teacher's engagement party 14 October 2010
Video: UFOs over New York City? 14 October 2010
MSM Spin on Manhattan UFO Sighting 14 October 2010