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Mystery surrounds 'orb-shaped UFO' sighting over Burnham-On-Sea 25 May 2010
Old cattle mutilation stumped Feds 25 May 2010
Are Quantum ETs Possible? 25 May 2010
Spooky goings on have been spotted in the skies above two Renfrewshire towns 25 May 2010
China to build UFO and alien embassy? 25 May 2010
Bogus claim of man who did not eat for years. 24 May 2010
Britain's Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files 24 May 2010
Obama Adviser Says Documented UFO/ET Landings On U.S. Capitol Could Destabilize Society 24 May 2010
Moscow 'Halo' UFO: Asteroid warning from ETs claim scientists 24 May 2010
Canadian UFO Spiral hoaxer comes forward 24 May 2010
UFO expert investigating Colo. cow mutilations 23 May 2010
RU Sirius Autobiography - MONDO 2000 23 May 2010
The UFO videos below are probably all fakes. 23 May 2010
Are These Videos of a UFO Entering a Wormhole? 23 May 2010
UFO Spiral in the sky seen and heard across Western Canada 23 May 2010
UFO lands in Beijing, astonishing video comes to light 23 May 2010
Bulgarian Scientist "In Contact with Aliens" Faces Discrediting Reports 23 May 2010
Stars launch gambit to oust chess chief ‘visited by aliens’ 23 May 2010
UFO Spiral in Western Canada 23 May 2010
Does exopolitics make the scientific study of UFOs a dead end? 21 May 2010
82-year-old man claims he's not had any food or water for 70 years 01 May 2010
Can we handle THE TRUTH? 29 April 2010
The gravity waves that propels the extraterrestrial UFOs 27 April 2010
MI5 UFO video is a hoax 13 April 2010
UFO Fireball Mystery Deepens 09 April 2010
Nuclear Rocket to Mars 01 April 2010
Area 51 vets break silence: Sorry, but no space aliens 28 March 2010
Loose lips sink space ships ;-) 28 March 2010
Bill Chalker, the Aussie X-Files agent who says the aliens have landed 24 March 2010
No explanation for ‘UFO’ at Sindh farm yet 16 March 2010