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Military Men Tie UFO Sightings To Weapons Testing 28 September 2010
UFOs eyed nukes, ex-Air Force personnel say 28 September 2010
Segway Boss Jimi Heselden Dies on Segway: Are Segways Safe? 27 September 2010
UFO visits to nuclear facilities? Hmmmm. 27 September 2010
Mazlan Othman Not Earth's Alien Ambassador, After All 27 September 2010
Editor: UFOs aren’t as ‘scary’ as ex-military men who believe in them 27 September 2010
Alvin Lawson dies at 80; UFO researcher questioned beliefs of alleged abductees 27 September 2010
'We saw a bright glowing object like an eye': U.S. airman's startling testimony about UFO encounter 27 September 2010
Tucson UFO Sighting: Event witnessed by many remains a mystery 26 September 2010
Official name for Dulce, New Mexico underground base disclosed? 26 September 2010
UN names official space 'host' 26 September 2010
STUXNET, Cyber Warfare Misinformation 26 September 2010
UFOs 'attacked U.S. nuclear missile sites': Retired Air Force Officers to break their silence 26 September 2010
Attention Military UFO Whistle Blowers 24 September 2010
Casey woman recalls UFO encounter in 1976 24 September 2010
Cumbria UFO activity on the rise, says north west research group 23 September 2010
Capri residents take to the airwaves with tales of UFOs 23 September 2010
Amazing UFO over Shandong China or Fireworks? 22 September 2010
Mexico: UFOs at the Military Parade 22 September 2010
UFOs Visited Nuclear Weapons Sites, Former Air Force Officers Say 21 September 2010
Astronomer fears apocalypse 2012 is true 21 September 2010
SETI 2060: Do we make contact by then? 20 September 2010
Japanese Air Force Also Has Encounters with UFOs: A New Book by a Retired Lieutenant General 20 September 2010
Mirage Men 20 September 2010
'The Event': An hour gang mystery 20 September 2010
NBC's The Event Dramatizes UFO Disclosure 20 September 2010
Sealand skull photos released 19 September 2010
Have Living Dinosaurs Been Sighted in New Guinea? 17 September 2010
Pope's astronomer says he would baptise an alien if it asked him 17 September 2010
The Truth Behind UFO Sightings and the U.S. Air Force 17 September 2010
Close encounters of the Catholic kind 17 September 2010
More St Albans UFO sightings 17 September 2010
Retired NORAD Officer’s New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display in October 16 September 2010
NBC's 'The Event' part of UFO, ET disclosure, acclimation? 16 September 2010
What was that in the sky above Tucson Tuesday afternoon? 16 September 2010
UFO sighting on Sand Mountain? 16 September 2010
Reader photos: The Residents' Beach UFO 16 September 2010
Intrigue after couple capture UFO on film 16 September 2010
Hong Kongers witness five UFO sightings in one day 16 September 2010
Forbidden Knowledge TV from San Francisco 16 September 2010
Alleged CIA documents on PSI Wars & Flying Saucers 15 September 2010
UFO shuts Mongolian airport for an hour 13 September 2010
ABC News On Fresno Bigfoot 13 September 2010
Chinese lanterns: Tranquillity masks a threat 13 September 2010
Journalism makes news with coverage of UFOs, ETs 13 September 2010
Public views evolving on UFOs, unusual phenomena 12 September 2010
Q&A: Journalist pushes for government agency to investigate UFO sightings 12 September 2010
Space Aliens or Streetlights? UFOs Reported in Hong Kong Lightning Storm 10 September 2010
UFO sighting in St Albans 09 September 2010
Search for the north American ape 09 September 2010
Mysterious Livestock Attacks in Mexico Blamed on Chupacabra 09 September 2010
Famed researcher of human extraterrestrial contact passes away 09 September 2010
MSNBC’s ‘Cosmic Log’ wants your UFO tales while ‘UFO Battle’ is on hiatus 09 September 2010
Classic UFO Battle Waged Online 09 September 2010
UFO Centre for Russia 09 September 2010
CIA Money Behind Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS)? 07 September 2010
Share your UFO stories 07 September 2010
Skeptic misses point behind UFO book 07 September 2010
Ronald Reagan had pursued interest in Extraterrestrials 07 September 2010
Streaks of light in night sky pose mystery 07 September 2010
WATCH: Simpsonville Man Believes He Caught UFO On Camera 07 September 2010
Monitoring network to scan skies for meteors, UFOs 07 September 2010
More UFO Love For China, This Time In Zhejiang Province 07 September 2010
The Willow Tree and the UFOs Down Near The Lake 07 September 2010
Blogs roundup: are UFOs targeting Majorca? 06 September 2010
Puerto Rico: The Gargoyle vs. The Chupacabras 05 September 2010
In Mexico, chupacabras are blamed for 300 goat beheadings 02 September 2010
The Clovis UFO: Finally Getting Some Answers 02 September 2010
Discover: Why Astronomers Don’t Report UFOs 02 September 2010
Another UFO spotted in Zhejiang Province in Eastern China 02 September 2010
The Harvard Crimson: Reconsidering Extraterrestrial Visitation 02 September 2010
Mark Pilkington's top 10 books about UFOs 02 September 2010
Aliens exist but are yet to visit earth 31 August 2010
UFO Investigators: Sorry, It's Not a UFO 31 August 2010
Extraterrestrial UFOs Are Real : Ben Rich Lockheed CEO Admitted In His Deathbed Confession 31 August 2010
Do UFOs really exist? 31 August 2010
William Shatner's new Weird Desk TV Series 30 August 2010
If aliens came, we'd know, says Shatner 30 August 2010
NBC News space writer: New UFO book wrong on pilot reports 30 August 2010
Are UFOs real? Maybe, says historian 30 August 2010
The debate over extraterrestrial contact continues among the experts 30 August 2010
Crop circle conundrum 26 August 2010
Any momentum out there? 26 August 2010
UFO study group weighs in on sightings on Capri 26 August 2010
Military, civilian pilots are key part of UFO mysteries 26 August 2010
'Extraterrestrial hypothesis' is now public operative explanation for UFOs in France, U.K. and China 26 August 2010
O'Hare UFO story keeps flying 26 August 2010
Academician: Aliens exist, but also have weaknesses 26 August 2010
Game camera captures UFO over Texas 26 August 2010
Woman claims chupacabra attacked her 26 August 2010
UFO, crop circles photographed by Google Earth satellite 24 August 2010
Mysterious 3D Wheat Grid and Aerial Light in Wiltshire, U. K. 24 August 2010
China discloses UFO reality: Aliens sending UFO probes here? Hhmmm, maybe? 24 August 2010
The endless memory metal intrigues 23 August 2010
Psychics Claim of Evidence of Life on Mars Debunked 23 August 2010
Nurses's UFO "fright" quashed by MoD 22 August 2010
St. Paul UFO mystery solved? Not! 20 August 2010
New French aerospace report endorses reality of UFOs 19 August 2010
Time Magazine reinforces China UFO theory: “it was just a plane” 19 August 2010
Crop circles: The mystery that keeps us going round in circles 19 August 2010