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‘Aliens Among Us?’ Question Pondered at Brooklyn Gathering 17 June 2010
"World could be plunged into crisis in 2014" says Cambridge University professor 17 June 2010
A Litany of Lies 17 June 2010
Bigfoot In Burke County? Residents Discover Mysterious Footprint 17 June 2010
'Bizarre' UFO lights caught on camera 17 June 2010
More UFO sightings baffle Capri residents 17 June 2010
UFO mystery sighting on Central Coast 17 June 2010
Cleveland County man reports encounter with Bigfoot 17 June 2010
Bigfoot Sighting? (VIDEO) North Carolina Man 'Ran Him Off' Away 16 June 2010
Lights spark more UFO claims 16 June 2010
Looking for alien DNA 15 June 2010
Mystery sounds unsettling to Sunchild Reserve residents 15 June 2010
The "free energy" fantasy does not free us from our dependence on oil 15 June 2010
The Great Crop Circle Mystery 15 June 2010
Could aliens clean up Gulf spill? 15 June 2010
The Flying Saucer Crashes 14 June 2010
McKinnon charges exaggerated by government 14 June 2010
Area 51 Insiders Come Forward 12 June 2010
Las Vegas "Howard Hughes II" alludes to ET Attack in New York Times? 12 June 2010
Aliens visiting the Vatican? UFO Landing site filmed 11 June 2010
Dodgers Hired Psychic to Help Team - it is alleged. 10 June 2010
Will the Mysteries of the Universe Fuel a New Religion? 10 June 2010
Could there be life around Saturn? 10 June 2010
Le Film by Fred Alan Wolf with Jack Sarfatti 09 June 2010
Shrugging off Bigelow's killer UFOs 09 June 2010
You Couldn't Make This Up Dept.: "There's a Monolith on Mars' Moon, Phobos" 09 June 2010
UFO reports, rumors of subterranean alien bases and more. Russia's Stonehenge 09 June 2010
A Self-Appointed Teacher Runs a One-Man 'Academy' on YouTube 08 June 2010
Gravity, Schmavity. It's the heat, dammit! 08 June 2010
IT'S A STRANGE WORLD: The Human As Living Time Machine 08 June 2010
Vast UFO Cover-Up a 'Cosmic Watergate,' Says Nuclear Physicist 08 June 2010
'Beautiful Math Equation' Found in Crop Circle 08 June 2010
Professor says X-Men-like superpowers may be latent within us 08 June 2010
UFOs ‘not from our world’ say witnesses 08 June 2010
Monster season is upon us 08 June 2010
Conjectures Regarding Extreme Relativistic Gamma Factors For Manned Interstellar Space Craft 07 June 2010
Extraterrestrials and UFOs: Disclosure, acclimation, security work together 07 June 2010
The Night All "HELL" Broke Out...Did the US military unleash a secret laser against Iraqi civilians? 07 June 2010
Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up 07 June 2010
Animal mutilations linked to UFOs says Walsall man 07 June 2010
America versus the hacker 07 June 2010
John Alexander: Paranormal Colonel 07 June 2010
New Allegations of US Psi Wars Project 06 June 2010
Lubos Motl ET in disguise? ;-) explains holograms 05 June 2010
Oh, those Falcon UFOs! 05 June 2010
UFO sighting likely to be US rocket 05 June 2010
'Strange lights' draw out UFO spotters 05 June 2010
UFO 'seen zooming over eastern Australia' 05 June 2010
UFO spotted over eastern Australia 04 June 2010
Sphere factor in 'catastrophic air crashes'? 03 June 2010
Planespotter's UFO Sighting 03 June 2010
Alexandria businessman’s answer to UFO sightings 03 June 2010
'UFOs' spotted over Jaywick 03 June 2010
Evergreen Air and a Secret Chemtrail Facility 02 June 2010
'Ghost' at Gloucester pub 'pushes pint off table' 02 June 2010
The latest challenge: Project Sphere 02 June 2010
NASA: Is Approaching Space Object Artificial? 01 June 2010
Strange orange UFO spotted over Buckhurst Hill 01 June 2010
Va. man a true Sasquatch believer 31 May 2010
Answers as elusive as evidence on topic of alien abductions 31 May 2010
What would public readiness officer say on UFOs, ETs, edge science? 30 May 2010
In search of Sasquatch 30 May 2010
New Weaponry Concepts 29 May 2010
ET Naval officer never ending story keeps muddying the waters with snake oil. 29 May 2010
Newfoundland UFOs still a mystery 28 May 2010
Brits May Hand UFO Hacker to Uncle Sam on a Silver Saucer 27 May 2010
Update on Bigfoot Sightings in Spotsylvania 27 May 2010
UFO, extraterrestrial disclosure linked to public readiness 27 May 2010
Unidentified Flying Objects. Made in USA 27 May 2010
Can Chinese lanterns fly against the wind? 27 May 2010
UFO/ET Naval Officer Outed 27 May 2010
UFOs spotted in Alexandria 27 May 2010
Strange light in the sky could be high-flying kite 27 May 2010
UFO over Canada hoaxer Martin retracts hoax statement, says he was told to keep quiet 26 May 2010
Uncertainty About Alien Threats 26 May 2010
Was Eisenhower invited to meet aliens? 26 May 2010
Did American President Eisenhower meet with ET? 26 May 2010
Are Extraterrestrials Wreaking Havoc On the Range? 26 May 2010
Mystery surrounds 'orb-shaped UFO' sighting over Burnham-On-Sea 25 May 2010
Old cattle mutilation stumped Feds 25 May 2010
Are Quantum ETs Possible? 25 May 2010
Spooky goings on have been spotted in the skies above two Renfrewshire towns 25 May 2010
China to build UFO and alien embassy? 25 May 2010
Bogus claim of man who did not eat for years. 24 May 2010
Britain's Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files 24 May 2010
Obama Adviser Says Documented UFO/ET Landings On U.S. Capitol Could Destabilize Society 24 May 2010
Moscow 'Halo' UFO: Asteroid warning from ETs claim scientists 24 May 2010
Canadian UFO Spiral hoaxer comes forward 24 May 2010
UFO expert investigating Colo. cow mutilations 23 May 2010
RU Sirius Autobiography - MONDO 2000 23 May 2010
The UFO videos below are probably all fakes. 23 May 2010
Are These Videos of a UFO Entering a Wormhole? 23 May 2010
UFO Spiral in the sky seen and heard across Western Canada 23 May 2010
UFO lands in Beijing, astonishing video comes to light 23 May 2010
Bulgarian Scientist "In Contact with Aliens" Faces Discrediting Reports 23 May 2010
Stars launch gambit to oust chess chief ‘visited by aliens’ 23 May 2010
UFO Spiral in Western Canada 23 May 2010
Does exopolitics make the scientific study of UFOs a dead end? 21 May 2010
82-year-old man claims he's not had any food or water for 70 years 01 May 2010
Can we handle THE TRUTH? 29 April 2010