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Could Einstein use TELEPATHY? Shock claim after experiment with Freud REVEALED 11 January 2019
Former Senator Wants Congress to Listen to UFO Reports 11 January 2019
Mysterious Red Lights Photographed Over Texas - Multiple Witnesses! 09 January 2019
4 Things Most UFO Sightings Have in Common 09 January 2019
Part 2 – Were CIA MK-ULTRA Amnesia “Mind Wipes” Used to Control Secret NASA Programs? 08 January 2019
Elon Musk Tweet Links Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong to Alien Presence 06 January 2019
The Fighter Pilot Podcast 035 -- UFO's 04 January 2019
It’s a widespread phenomenon: In parallel to Queens, more mysterious electrical sky events over Dublin, Ireland and amazing explosions in Kenner, Louisiana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 03 January 2019
China’s Chang’e-4 moon mission ‘will find ALIEN BASES and craters from secret Nasa bombings’, crackpots claim 02 January 2019
Hacker Group Dark Overlord Claims to Have Proof of 9/11 Conspiracy, UFOs 02 January 2019
Noting past reports of UFOs around the coulee area 02 January 2019
Mystery event that saw mountain crash into river 'may have been UFO attack' 02 January 2019
Scots dad convinced he spotted ‘crystal clear UFO’ hovering above Wick just minutes after bells on New Year’s Day 01 January 2019
Corrie star Betty's UFO sighting revealed after death - but what did she spot? 01 January 2019
Alien life PROOF? ‘Best documented UFO crash in history’ REVEALED 01 January 2019
Woman captures video of ‘UFO’ over Kiawah Island 01 January 2019
Mind control SHOCK: How Soviet Union achieved ‘great success’ with PARANORMAL warfare 31 December 2018
Trying to Separate Facts from Fiction in Strange Jon Lavine Tale 31 December 2018
New footage has emerged showing the UFO that caused the explosions in New York (Video) 31 December 2018
If You’re Not A ‘Believer’ You Will Be After This….An Entire Sasquatch Tribe Filmed For The Fist Time 30 December 2018
Rise in mysterious 'TR-3B UFO sightings' sparks PANIC over 'top-secret US military plans' 30 December 2018
Multiple UFOs Sighted Over Mojave Desert, California ( December 16, 2018 ) 30 December 2018
What is NASA hiding? ISS feed repeatedly cut in 2018 as 'huge objects tower over Earth' 26 December 2018
Is Trump's Space Force strong evidence of UFO visitors? 26 December 2018
More Details on Government UFO Findings Could Be Forthcoming 26 December 2018
Extraordinary new claims made about what really happened in the Berwyn Mountains 'UFO' mystery 26 December 2018
Argentina: A "Triangle" in the Western Corridor 25 December 2018
What Navajo Rangers Saw on Patrol is Way To Strange for Words 25 December 2018
'Undeniable proof of ALIENS’ TWO UFO’s SPOTTED from ISS spark conspiracy FRENZY 25 December 2018
Monstrous creature ‘turned its head and looked straight at our car,’ Kentucky woman says 25 December 2018
Conspiracy theorists see Trump's Space Force as strong evidence of UFO visitors 25 December 2018
FBI raids home of ‘former Area 51 worker’ looking for ‘STOLEN alien technology' 25 December 2018
Strange, unidentified light seen over South Australia 25 December 2018
Huge landslide in Russia was 'caused by meteorite, massive bomb or falling UFO' 25 December 2018
NASA Says Spooky Light Was Meteor, But Not Everyone Agrees.... 23 December 2018
Rare Bigfoot Video Surfaces 23 December 2018
US Delta forces fought with ALIENS in underground battle in New Mexico - witness 23 December 2018
Mysterious Explosions Persist in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona 19 December 2018
Bigfoot hunters explore forest in dead of night – what their camera captures is chilling 19 December 2018
UFOs Around the World: Russia 17 December 2018
UFOs: Luis Elizondo hints that 2019 might be the year of disclosure 16 December 2018
Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Living Dinosaurs of Africa 15 December 2018
Linda Moulton Howe Reveals What Extraterrestrials Really Want... it's Not Good! 14 December 2018
Is Elon Musk covering up the existence of aliens? UFO spotted behind SpaceX craft 14 December 2018
A strange radar blip crawled over southern Illinois for 10 hours. What was it? 13 December 2018
Alien sighting: Strange craft seen flying over New York is ‘proof' of UFOs 13 December 2018
Disc-shaped UFO over Ehrenberg, Arizona 9-Dec-2018 11 December 2018
Two UFOs Over a Golf Course in Scandanavia 11 December 2018
Triangular UFO Caught On Night Vision On December 8 In Melbourne, Australia 11 December 2018
Teacher Andrew Greenwood's Actual 1967 Audio Testimony On The 1966 Westall UFO Sighting 10 December 2018
Creepy Video Shows Orbs Hovering in Triangle Formation Over Saudi Arabia 09 December 2018
A Remarkable Civil War Bigfoot Encounter 09 December 2018
Roswell UFO crash EXPOSED: Former US Special Agent claims 'FOUR FOOT alien found ALIVE' 08 December 2018
'Clear alien evidence' NASA astronaut spots HUGE 'UFO' HURTLE across ISS 06 December 2018
Multiple Reports of White Cigar Shaped UFOs Over Texas 05 December 2018
Partially cloaked Triangle UFOs caught over Melbourne, Florida and the Netherlands 05 December 2018
Area 51: what did Bob Lazar really see? 05 December 2018
Space Force: Hi-tech space planes to patrol outer space hunting UFOs and enemy spacecrafts 05 December 2018
Why Did the FBI Raid the Home of the Biggest Alien Truther? 05 December 2018
New Documentary Digs Into the Wild Life of Alleged UFO Technician Bob Lazar 04 December 2018
Outer Banks fisherman captures video of lights multiplying over dark Atlantic 04 December 2018
Nasa scientist admits there may be some UFO sightings that cannot be ‘explained or denied’ 03 December 2018
Major Announcement on the Peruvian Three-Fingered, Possibly Alien Mummies 29 November 2018
Mystery glowing green fireball buzzes over Putin’s top-secret research labs sparking fears Russia is testing advanced ‘space weapons’ 29 November 2018
This Strange Hum Circled the Whole World. But Nobody Heard It 29 November 2018
UFOs and Censorship: Managing Minds Through Media 29 November 2018
Aliens shot down by KGB turned soldiers into STONE – CIA file shockingly claims 28 November 2018
Cigar shaped UFO spotted in Texas 28 November 2018
'Massive crystal shaped UFO' spotted hovering over North Wales 28 November 2018
The Killer Lives. The Dyatlov Pass Incident 28 November 2018
Valley of the Neanderthal People? 28 November 2018
Pilots report UFO sighting over Nunavut’s northern Baffin Island 27 November 2018
Scott Marlowe - Cryptozoology, Bigfoot & Sasquatch 26 November 2018
VIDEO: UFO spotter captures footage of object flying over Barrow 26 November 2018
UFO struck by lightning in bizarre video 24 November 2018
Science fiction author and ‘UFO scholar’ claims he has an alien skull bought from a street seller in Mongolia – but needs £11,000 for a DNA test to prove it 24 November 2018
'I SAW BIGFOOT' Screams that sound like a woman being raped and more than 1,000 people going missing – I’ve seen Bigfoot and know he’s real 21 November 2018
Royal SHOCK: Prince Philip embroiled in 'close encounter with UFO' 20 November 2018
Irishwoman spooked after spotting 'UFO' hovering over Dublin Airport 20 November 2018
‘Cigar-shaped UFO' captured on US news channel over California wildfires 20 November 2018
Fantastic Cryptids And Where To Find Them 18 November 2018
Our Alien Kindred: The History and Evolution of the Extraterrestrial 18 November 2018
FUTURE SHOCK: The question is not whether UFOs are real - it’s why the US military have only now admitted their existence 18 November 2018
Mysterious flashing 'HALO' stuns Brits after appearing over town 16 November 2018
Shock footage of 'UFOs in Northern Ireland' emerges on SAME DAY pilots reported sighting 16 November 2018
UFO sighting over Britain triggers ALIEN alert 15 November 2018
Mysterious black triangle UFO spotted in night skies of Russia, triggers government cover up row 14 November 2018
Bigfoot SPOTTED? Onlookers scream in TERROR as mysterious figure appears in field 14 November 2018
UFO activity in Argentina is causing ‘EXTREME WEATHER’ - shock claim 14 November 2018
Aliens? Mysterious UFO spotted by three pilots under investigation amid BIZARRE radar data 13 November 2018
Bizarre video of floating lights above California spark UFO conspiracies 11 November 2018
'Aliens are here' Bizarre object shoots down from space before HOVERING in the air 10 November 2018
Alien abduction HORROR: Aliens ‘cause human PARALYSIS while fully conscious’ 08 November 2018
Flying Object Claimed to Be Hitler's Secret Weapon Filmed in Sweden 08 November 2018
UFO spotted on Mercury - and it looks just like alien spaceship seen on Earth 08 November 2018
Bird, drone… or something more sinister? Driver claims to have captured a UFO in bizarre dashcam footage 08 November 2018
‘Disc shaped alien spaceship’ seen over Scotland 08 November 2018
More On The Deadly Dangers Of UFOs, Part 1 08 November 2018
No mention of satanic cults - or UFO's - in CBI report 07 November 2018
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