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Bizarre Shape-Shifting, Shell-Shaped UFO Captured Flying Over Siberian Town Sparks Controversy [Video] 02 July 2016
The Mystery of Tabby’s Star 30 June 2016
Conclusive proof UFO crashed to Earth? Leaked memo on debris from 'outer space vehicle' 30 June 2016
Under investigation: Two UFOs videotaped over Seattle 30 June 2016
Massive UFO Photographed in Clouds Over Houston 29 June 2016
Is this the secret military base where bodies of aliens were taken? 28 June 2016
Mystery over bizarre flying 'fireballs' filmed speeding across night sky during thunderstorm 27 June 2016
This Beautiful Goddess of the Devil Helped Hitler Build UFOs (Video) 27 June 2016
Government Treaty With Large Gray Aliens Requires Full UFO And ET Disclosure In 2016, Conspiracy Theorists Say (Sure, mmmhhmm;-) 27 June 2016
Alaskan witness videos UFOs moving vertically 26 June 2016
Washington witness photographs sphere UFO 26 June 2016
Is An Ancient Lost Civilization Buried Beneath The Ice Of Antarctica 22 June 2016
Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley? 22 June 2016
Amazing 'pyramid-shaped, zig-zagging' UFO caught on camera as commercial airliners fly by 22 June 2016
Witness says Triangle UFO emitted sound of horns, trumpets 22 June 2016
Night vision: UFO spotting in Sedona, Arizona 22 June 2016
UFOs over China’s Sichuan Province… and other mysteries 22 June 2016
ROSWELL BREAKTHROUGH: Woman claims she handled 'unbreakable wreckage from UFO crash' 22 June 2016
Everything I Know About Alien Life From Visiting Roswell's UFO Festival 21 June 2016
WATCH: Bizarre 'crystal clear' torpedo UFO filmed over UK flying saucer hotspot 21 June 2016
Mysterious “men in black” sightings reported along Muscatine Co. roadways 21 June 2016
Amazing Daylight UFO Over San Francisco 21 June 2016
What were the 'mysterious lights' in the sky above Greater Manchester this weekend? 20 June 2016
'Something's coming': Mass UFO sightings in US spark conspiracy theories of alien landings 20 June 2016
Second Brooklyn Attack: Pregnant Woman, Man, Assaulted by ‘Humanoid’ and UFO 19 June 2016
Strange Bigfoot encounter and Purple laser beam near Military base 19 June 2016
Mysterious Orb UFO Engaged California Pilot In ‘Dogfight’ 19 June 2016
INSANE UFO SIGHTING: 'Clear flying saucer' filmed flying over VOLCANO 19 June 2016
Mystery 'shapeshifting' UFO spotted hovering in sky outside shopping centre by stunned security guard 19 June 2016
Alaskan witness videotapes UFOs moving vertically 19 June 2016
Mysterious Black ‘Spinning Disc’ UFO That Emerged From Swirling Alien Portal Spotted Over Ohio, UFO Fanatics Claim [Video] 16 June 2016
UFOs over Kazakhstan, Central Asia 16 June 2016
UFO BREAKTHROUGH: UK X-files due out in weeks could prove aliens DID visit Rendlesham 15 June 2016
WATCH: Alleged UFO Speeding Past Jupiter Creates Online Sensation 15 June 2016
California pilot reports ‘dogfight’ with sphere UFO 14 June 2016
Silent Disc UFO Seen By Multiple Cleveland Residents 6/13/16 14 June 2016
Two Alien Civilizations Helped Forge Humans, Studies Say 14 June 2016
Square UFO videotaped over Illinois 14 June 2016
MOST RECENT Mysterious 'craft' object seen racing past Jupiter 14 June 2016
Navy Commander Pilot Learns From “The Boys Upstairs” About Extraterrestrial Vehicles 13 June 2016
Mystery ‘Orange Plasma Orb’ UFO Filmed Over Vancouver Sparks Controversy — Alien UFO Or City Trash? [Video] 12 June 2016
Weird UFO with loud sound scared mother and daughter in Australia 12 June 2016
Underground Alien UFO Base With Glowing Artificial Lights Found In Mars Crater – NASA Hiding Truth About Aliens On The Red Planet, Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video] 12 June 2016
UFO Sighting Witnessed By 100 People? ‘Mass Hysteria’ Likely The Cause, Skeptics Say 10 June 2016
Siberia’s Mysterious Crater Grows In Size, Formation Linked To Bizarre Explosion In Sky 10 June 2016
Bizarre 'floating humanoid UFO' sparks claims of military alien experiments in BRITAIN 09 June 2016
Are ALIENS living on Mars? UFO hunters find GLOWING light formation hidden in crater on Red Planet 08 June 2016
UFO sightings debunked: Former Nasa employee explains what's REALLY behind popular alien conspiracy theories 07 June 2016
Possible Bogfoot Drone Video in Idaho 07 June 2016
Glowing UFOs Swarm Over Henderson, Nevada — Mystery Crafts Belong To Secret Colony of Tall White Aliens At Nellis Air Force Base, UFO Blogger Says [Video] 06 June 2016
What is this triangular UFO seen zooming across the surface of the moon? 06 June 2016
UFO 'that could prove Phoenix Lights incident once and for all' caught on stunning film 05 June 2016
Huge Air Burst Over Arizona 05 June 2016
Impressive Daylight UFO Over Brazil 04 June 2016
What is this streak of light captured by ISS cameras? Footage shows ‘fireball UFO’ passing in view of space station 04 June 2016
Will Cameron reveal truth about aliens? Rare footage shows UK PM vow to open UFO files 04 June 2016
Glowing UFO 'swallowed by mystery portal as it travels to another dimension' 02 June 2016
Billy Cox: Waiting for the Times again 02 June 2016
Christopher Mellon, UFODATA and the Release of UFO Documents 01 June 2016
The Inevitable Is Almost Here: What’s Going To Happen When The Whole World Finds Out? 01 June 2016
West Virginia witness videotapes UFO ‘size of mountain’ 31 May 2016
South Carolina witness reports silver residue after UFO sighting 31 May 2016
Aliens Work With Human Scientists At Area 51, According To Whistleblower Who Claimed He Helped To Reverse-Engineer Alien Technology [Video] 31 May 2016
Is this blinking UFO caught on camera in Alaska trying to communicate with Earth? 30 May 2016
UAPs and Alien “Gods” 29 May 2016
'Red and white' UFO spotted over Hull KR's Craven Park and 9 other sightings 28 May 2016
'Mind-blowing' footage of mystery flying craft hovering near US military base in UFO hotspot 28 May 2016
Extraordinary 1994 Bigfoot Footage 28 May 2016
This mysterious white UFO has got the internet puzzled – what is it? 28 May 2016
Mysterious Orb UFO Fleet Filmed Over Belarus, Proof Of Extraterrestrial Visitation, UFO Hunters Claim [Video] 28 May 2016
Is International Space Station Under Attack By A Mysterious UFO, Missile? 26 May 2016
Barack Obama To Reveal UFO, Alien Information Kept Secret For 20 Years? 26 May 2016
WATCH: 'CONCLUSIVE PROOF UFOs visited Earth' after 'alien fleet filmed' 26 May 2016
Amazing UFO video: Flying saucer over eastern Australia? 26 May 2016
UFO Over San Antonio Texas 26 May 2016
Why We Love Aliens 25 May 2016
WATCH: Shocking claim 'perfect flying saucer' was filmed after man SUMMONED aliens 25 May 2016
Maybe Bigfoot believers aren’t crazy after all 25 May 2016
Triangle UFO photographed low over Virginia 25 May 2016
Roswell Witness Robert Porter Flew UFO Wreckage to Texas 24 May 2016
Billy Cox: Can open science and secrecy coexist? (No) 23 May 2016
Mysterious Triangle UFO Filmed at Night by Car Driver in Florida 23 May 2016
Stranded alien climbed into trees after FLEEING UFO, terrified witnesses claim 23 May 2016
Turkish Pilots Sighted UFO With Green Lights That Passed Above Their Plane Hours After EgyptAir Flight MS804 Crashed Into The Mediterranean 22 May 2016
"UFO repeaters" - part two 22 May 2016
The North Wales X-Files: The 'Egryn Lights' mystery 21 May 2016
Witness reports helicopter ‘escorting’ cigar UFO 21 May 2016
WATCH: Moment meteor is 'struck by UFO to prevent it crashing to Earth' 21 May 2016
Clinton won't get UFO truth because US Presidents ARE kept 'in the dark', says insider 19 May 2016
Tassie UFO memories rekindled 19 May 2016
Researcher receives FAA’s latest UFO reporting procedures 19 May 2016
UFO sightings in the 17th century 18 May 2016
Scholes UFO expert claims RAF Bentwaters encounter was aliens searching for nuclear weapons 18 May 2016
Conspiracy theorists spot UFO flying '50 to 100 times faster than normal aircraft' over Australia 18 May 2016
Boriska, A Boy From Mars Says That ALL Humans Live Eternally And “People Like Us Still Live On Mars” 17 May 2016
Portuguese pilot reports UFO from ground level 17 May 2016
Scientists Captured Raw Footage Of UFO At Hessdalen Observatory [Video] 17 May 2016
UFO Skeptic SHOCKED By Sighting Over Houston Texas! 5/14/16 17 May 2016
US Navy Pilots filmed disc-shaped UFO over Pacific Ocean !!! May 2016 17 May 2016