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John Greenewald’s The Black Vault Gets Suppressed 1979-1980 FBI Cattle Mutilation Documents. 04 September 2018
UFO sighting: ‘Alien spaceship’ shot down over Scotland 03 September 2018
A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky ‘scared me to death,’ NC man says 03 September 2018
‘Mystery Lights’ Over San Diego Cause Social Media Freak-Out 31 August 2018
To Kill or to Capture Bigfoot: The Great Cryptozoological Debate 31 August 2018
The belief in Bigfoot lives on with the International Bigfoot Conference 31 August 2018
Daytime Video Shows Bizarre Object Flying Around in New York 31 August 2018
What is the Baltic Sea Anomaly? Will it ever be solved? 31 August 2018
Profiling a Famous UFO Contactee 31 August 2018
UFOs Around the World: Canada 22 August 2018
UFO Transformation from Lights to Disk in U.K.? 21 August 2018
Bizarre shape-shifting UFO caught on video seems to defy explanation 21 August 2018
Close Encounters: A priest and a mysterious U.F.O. sighting 20 August 2018
What would happen if UFOs tried to contact Earth? 20 August 2018
How to Hunt for Bigfoot in Washington State 20 August 2018
UFOs at ECETI Ranch – Soul Tech August 10th 2018 18 August 2018
Major Bigfoot Activity In The Pacific Northwest 18 August 2018
UFOs & Mind-Altering Drugs: A Connection? 15 August 2018
They’ve ‘Seen Things’ 15 August 2018
Pentagon insider claims US government has warehouse full of ‘metal from crashed UFOs’ 14 August 2018
Will new Space Force combat aliens? 14 August 2018
Driver spots ‘Bigfoot’ walking across rural highway 13 August 2018
Is the US government hiding UFOs in a Las Vegas hangar? 12 August 2018
UFO sighting that terrified a city 11 August 2018
The Geneva Light Beam Incident – Alien Reconnaissance Mission? 11 August 2018
Conspiracy theorist who died suddenly ‘had laptop wiped before being handed to family' 10 August 2018
Terrifying footage shows HUGE cigar-shaped UFO flying over lake 10 August 2018
Tic Tac Incident Executive Summary 10 August 2018
Detailed Official Report On Harrowing Encounter Between F/A-18s and UFO Surfaces 10 August 2018
NASA astronaut reveals spotting ‘alien-like, organic object’ floating near him on space shuttle mission 09 August 2018
UFO probe after glowing ball of light streaks across the sky over Russia - and space expert says it is too slow to be a meteor 09 August 2018
Military Insiders Confirm Thousands of Extraterrestrials Live Among Us 09 August 2018
Bigfoot PROOF? Frenzy as footage 'captures roars of mythical beast' 09 August 2018
Aliens blamed for mutilation of cows found with cuts on their genitals and tongues 09 August 2018
Discovery Channel treasure hunter claims he’s found evidence of an extra-terrestrial spaceship while exploring ancient shipwrecks beneath the Bermuda Triangle 08 August 2018
Audio reveals creepy details of UFO mystery 07 August 2018
Alien implant BOMBSHELL proof? Explosive claims ET nanotech used to control humans 06 August 2018
Water UFO Seen In New Hampshire Lake Baffles Eyewitness, July 2018, Video 05 August 2018
'6ft human-like creature' spotted lurking in woods sparks panic: 'Looks like Gollum' 03 August 2018
What Are White Aerial Triangles Zooming in Earth Skies? 01 August 2018
Aliens hovering over earth? Live footage of alien mothership above Downtown, Los Angeles goes viral 01 August 2018
Here there be monsters: Diving into the legacy of the beasts of the Finger Lakes 28 July 2018
Exclusive: I-Team obtains some key documents related to Pentagon UFO study 26 July 2018
The teleportation of Gil Perez 26 July 2018
Former Pentagon official calls for big UFO reveal after secret investigation 26 July 2018
Is There an Active Stargate in Utah? The Evidence Is Mounting 25 July 2018
Mystery as sky turns black in the middle of DAY in remote Russian towns with locals blaming secret weapons test, aliens or the DEVIL 24 July 2018
Alien’ Atacama Mummy Genetic Study Findings Raise Serious Concerns 20 July 2018
Are these UFOs? Eerie videos showing mysterious lights over China spark rumours of extra-terrestrial activities 20 July 2018
Egypt Will Open Giant Black Mystery Sarcophagus Despite Warnings 18 July 2018
Plane spotted chasing UFO at Oregon's sky in US [VIDEO] 18 July 2018
VIDEO: Stanton Friedman’s Last Visit to the Roswell UFO Festival 17 July 2018
Three Bright UFOs Filmed Over France in Broad Daylight 15 July 2018
Former MoD insider says UFOs are real and often narrowly miss crashing into planes as he spills secrets 14 July 2018
Jacques Cousteau’s Grandchildren and the Infamous Shag Harbor UFO Incident 14 July 2018
Bigfoot investigator claims he has proof legendary monster is hiding out in SCOTTISH forest 12 July 2018
Aliencraft or TR-3B? Triangular UFO spotted in Washington skies sparks debate (VIDEO) 12 July 2018
‘Closest ever to actual UFO’ Glowing orb races across sky in BIZARRE clip 12 July 2018
‘Witnesses were very frightened:’ Survey of 2017 Canadian UFO sightings released 10 July 2018
Mysterious orb in the Cambridgeshire skies captured on camera 10 July 2018
Beach woman mystery: 53 year old found alive on coast 18 months after being dragged into ocean 09 July 2018
UFO crashes 80 miles from England World Cup match site as "explosion" shakes homes 08 July 2018
Speakers say alien lore covers up truth 08 July 2018
Rojas speaks about Pentagon program during UFO Fest 08 July 2018
110 Years of Eerie Bigfoot Encounters in Humboldt County, CA 07 July 2018
Stanton Friedman explores future of ufology; Famous UFO lecturer celebrates retirement and conducts first lecture for 23rd UFO Festival 07 July 2018
Space Force operating secretly since 1960s, says UFO researcher 03 July 2018
Watch These Mind-Blowing Government Reports and Videos for World UFO Day 02 July 2018
Our Skies Are More Watched Than Ever, So Why Are Reported UFO Sightings on the Decline? (Baloney!) 02 July 2018
Does China have a UFO? British 'X-Files' indicate the UK thought so 02 July 2018
The Weird Tale of Eugene Podkletnov, the Man Who Discovered “Gravity Shielding” UFO-like Technologies 02 July 2018
Operation UFO: Britain's race to beat Russia to alien weapons REVEALED in secret files 01 July 2018
I-Team Exclusive: Nevada senator fought to save secret UFO program 30 June 2018
Ex-NASA physics professor claims 'many governments' have covered up alien encounters and says humanity must 'face the possibility' UFO sightings really ARE alien craft 29 June 2018
Geologist finds possible Roswell UFO debris 29 June 2018
So, Why Do People Believe In Bigfoot Anyway? 29 June 2018
The Bizarre Flying Humanoids of Mexico 28 June 2018
Bizarre ‘mothership-like’ cloud spotted over London sends conspiracists into MELTDOWN 27 June 2018
Mysterious Encounters with Bigfoot at Military Bases 26 June 2018
Shocking moment 'UFO' spotted hovering near High Wycombe RAF base 26 June 2018
Military Bigfoot Cover-Up 24 June 2018
The Language of Bigfoot? 24 June 2018
'It's a government secret weapon' Bizarre 'Prometheus UFO' spotted before DISSAPPEARING 21 June 2018
Argentina: Operación NOA - The Infiernillo Lights 20 June 2018
DNA results released on mysterious wolf creature shot near Denton 18 June 2018
Another UFO in Ireland? Mysterious 'Orb' filmed hovering above Dublin home 18 June 2018
BLM Agents Open Fire on Innocent Couple, Shoot Woman Because ATV Drove Near Restricted Area (Huh?) 17 June 2018
New Footage From The Curiosity Rover Reveals Mysterious ‘Figure Spotted Moving’ On Mars, Claims Secureteam10 17 June 2018
Did the USAF fly a drone over Texas? Conspiracy FRENZY as UFO spotted ‘near military base' 17 June 2018
What Launched from Whidbey Island, Washington, On Sunday, June 10, 2018? 14 June 2018
Is THIS biggest proof of alien life on moon captured by Neil Armstrong? 14 June 2018
Is the USAF spying on North Korea? Shock claims as 'SUPERSONIC jet' spotted near border 13 June 2018
Commuter terrified as 'PORTAL to another dimension' opens during electrical storm 13 June 2018
Missile launch? Lens flare? Mysterious object spotted over Whidbey Island raises questions 12 June 2018
Did Neil Armstrong & His Crew Encounter Extraterrestrials On The Moon? 11 June 2018
Burrell: In this time of tension and anxiety, UFOs are back in the news 10 June 2018
What is the mysterious object caught on video near a military naval base? Stunned motorist claims to have filmed a 'UFO' 09 June 2018
Are aliens WATCHING us? Conspiracy frenzy as 'four UFOs surround ISS' 09 June 2018
Gone ‘squatchin’: How to hunt for Bigfoot 09 June 2018