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Nick Redfern – UFOs, Government Insiders, and Satanic Influences – November 6, 2018 07 November 2018
‘Military helicopters intercept four UFOs' sparking War of the Worlds FRENZY 06 November 2018
UFO sighting over Lake Tahoe is ‘100 PERCENT’ proof aliens are visiting 06 November 2018
Area 52 UNCOVERED? Mysterious aircraft at secret US base 'intentionally BLURRED' by Google 04 November 2018
UFO spotted 'darting around the sky' near Toowoomba 04 November 2018
Race is on to solve the mystery of unknown materials 01 November 2018
Seeking Bigfoot: Investigator Believes Sasquatch Lurks in Uwharrie Forest 01 November 2018
UFO frenzy as mystery object hurtles across moon in ‘clearest video evidence EVER’ 31 October 2018
Is NASA hiding evidence of aliens on Mars? Photo of ‘smoke plume’ sparks conspiracy FRENZY 31 October 2018
Stranger Jersey: UFOs over Wanaque Reservoir 29 October 2018
Mysterious ‘UFO’ Caught on Camera During Live Broadcast in Argentina 29 October 2018
'Multiple UFOs' spotted escorting larger craft in bizarre footage 24 October 2018
Strange Rectangular Iceberg Spotted In Antarctica Looks Eerily Artificial 23 October 2018
The strange night in a Welsh field involving 'huge UFO lights, explosions and military planes' 23 October 2018
UFO over Parkway? NJ driver captures video of mystery lights in sky 17 October 2018
'HE WAS A VERY BRAVE MAN' US airman who claimed he saw top secret NASA photos of alien structures on the moon dies in horror bike crash 17 October 2018
UK UFO? Strange White Lights Over Manchester Baffle Witnesses (PHOTO) 17 October 2018
The mystery of Changing UFOs: The prize is hiding in the details 17 October 2018
US Congress revisiting mysterious UFO incident as it explores ‘foreign aerospace threats’ 17 October 2018
Google Earth exposes HUGE triangle in Nevada desert – sparking 'crashed UFO' claims 17 October 2018
Secret 'X-FILES' group in US gov believe in UFOs and want TRUTH exposed - shock claim 16 October 2018
Navy Air Controller Says UFO Incident Gave Him Psychic Powers and Visions 16 October 2018
Tom DeLonge Calls Report on UFO Research Firm's $37 Million Deficit a 'Blatant Lie' 16 October 2018
Mysterious UFOs in shape of white orbs of light 'speed across sky' at South America's highest monument 15 October 2018
Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Is $37.4 Million in Debt 15 October 2018
Area 51 EXPOSED: 'Base insider' breaks silence on 'biggest UFO story of all time' 15 October 2018
Bigfoot podcast 'Wild Thing' explores Sasquatch hunters, uncovers surprising evidence 15 October 2018
I launched a new investigation into the 1973 Coast UFO abduction story. Do you believe? 13 October 2018
10,000-year-old discs discovered in Chinese caves 'show UFO crash site' 13 October 2018
Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs – According To Steven Greer 11 October 2018
Huge ‘UFO’ spotted above hotel in lightning storm 07 October 2018
UFO INVESTIGATION: US officials 'hold SECRET ALIEN TESTS' at ranch - 'DISTURBING' 07 October 2018
'Time traveller' who 'went to year 8973 and met telepathic robots' PASSES lie detector test 03 October 2018
The 'Wild Thing' podcast is like 'Serial' for Sasquatches 03 October 2018
Over London filmed an unidentified object 03 October 2018
U.K. Veterinarians Counter Police, Say Croydon Cats Not Killed by Foxes and Cars. 29 September 2018
Bigfoot and beyond: Why tales of wild men endure 29 September 2018
Top Five Pilot Encounters with UFOs 29 September 2018
Important UFO project underway in San Luis Valley 27 September 2018
New UFO project underway in San Luis Valley 27 September 2018
UFO technology: Has US military built space ship to travel the universe? 27 September 2018
Is Earth ready for alien contact? IT IS NOW - Government UFO expert pens contingency plan 26 September 2018
Nazis created TIME MACHINE: Shock claim Hitler’s super weapon 'smuggled to South America’ 22 September 2018
“The Consistency Is Mind Boggling” – University Professor On Alien Abductions 22 September 2018
The hunt to prove the existence of sasquatch 22 September 2018
UFOs, Government Secrets, and the Unknown Laws of Physics 21 September 2018
What is behind the decline in UFO sightings? 21 September 2018
Do Aliens Exist? Blink 182 Co-Founder and Ex-Pentagon Official Are Determined to Prove We’re Not Alone 20 September 2018
Child-Porn Investigation Caused New Mexico Observatory Closure: Report 20 September 2018
Mysterious Russian UFO Crater May Be Solved 19 September 2018
Why The Social Stigma About Unexplained Phenomena Holds Humanity Back 19 September 2018
Accepting UFO Evidence May Be Key to Our Survival as a Species 19 September 2018
New Mexico Sheriff Demands Answers, Calls FBI 'Chicken Shit' Over Handling of Mysterious Observatory Closure 19 September 2018
'Black Triangle' aircraft spotted above Seattle is top-secret US air force surveillance aircraft - according to UFO conspiracy theorists 19 September 2018
UFOs Over Toronto 19 September 2018
Video of possible ‘mother ship’ UFO captured over North Carolina town 19 September 2018
'It's all very fishy': A New Mexico solar observatory was closed without warning for a 'security threat.' No one knows why 19 September 2018
Bigfoot Kills Hunting Hound 19 September 2018
George Knapp – The Government’s UFO and Paranormal Study: The Skinwalker Ranch – Sept. 18, 2018 18 September 2018
UPDATE: Sunspot Nat’l. Solar Observatory Partially Opened Monday, Sept. 17th 18 September 2018
NASA astronaut sparks frenzy with memory of ’ORGANIC, alien-like’ object 18 September 2018
Davy Crockett's Mysterious Encounter with Bigfoot in Texas 18 September 2018
‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’ Is the First Video Released From UFO-Obsessed Billionaire’s Haunted Ranch 18 September 2018
Mysteriously shuttered solar observatory set to reopen, although some questions remain 17 September 2018
From the X Files: “FBI Still Silent”–Alien Conspiracy Theories Deepen Around National Solar Observatory, Recall 2012 Event 16 September 2018
Solar Observatory shutdown: Sheriff describes mysterious FBI tests amid alien speculation 16 September 2018
What is this TWO KILOMETRE long secret city unearthed by melting ice in Antarctica? 13 September 2018
6 More Solar Observatories closed and This could be the reason! 13 September 2018
FBI and Blackhawk choppers: National Solar Observatory shuts over mysterious ‘security issue’ 13 September 2018
Shag Harbour UFO Museum Mysteriously Vandalized 12 September 2018
ALIEN CONSPIRACY: Mystery as FBI SHUTS DOWN observatory - ‘They just EVACUATED us’ 12 September 2018
Chris O’Brien – Launch of UFO Detection Project – Sept. 11, 2018 11 September 2018
Crashed UFOs: Have There Ever Been Any? 11 September 2018
The UFO Hunters of Ladakh 11 September 2018
Reward Grows and Task Force Assembled in Olympia, WA Bloodless Cat Mutilations 10 September 2018
Melbourne family claims to have seen UFO over their house 09 September 2018
Top-secret US technology SPOTTED? Mysterious ‘triangle UFO’ linked to military experiments 09 September 2018
Top secret CIA files unearth hidden UFO sightings 08 September 2018
“Robots” and “Small Female Alien” in UFO Close Encounter by Calvin Parker in Pascagoula, Mississippi 07 September 2018
Bizarre giant ’FOOTPRINTS’ discovered FOUR KILOMETRES beneath ocean 07 September 2018
Mystery 'sea serpent' filmed in Tynemouth 05 September 2018
John Greenewald’s The Black Vault Gets Suppressed 1979-1980 FBI Cattle Mutilation Documents. 04 September 2018
UFO sighting: ‘Alien spaceship’ shot down over Scotland 03 September 2018
A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky ‘scared me to death,’ NC man says 03 September 2018
‘Mystery Lights’ Over San Diego Cause Social Media Freak-Out 31 August 2018
To Kill or to Capture Bigfoot: The Great Cryptozoological Debate 31 August 2018
The belief in Bigfoot lives on with the International Bigfoot Conference 31 August 2018
Daytime Video Shows Bizarre Object Flying Around in New York 31 August 2018
What is the Baltic Sea Anomaly? Will it ever be solved? 31 August 2018
Profiling a Famous UFO Contactee 31 August 2018
UFOs Around the World: Canada 22 August 2018
UFO Transformation from Lights to Disk in U.K.? 21 August 2018
Bizarre shape-shifting UFO caught on video seems to defy explanation 21 August 2018
Close Encounters: A priest and a mysterious U.F.O. sighting 20 August 2018
What would happen if UFOs tried to contact Earth? 20 August 2018
How to Hunt for Bigfoot in Washington State 20 August 2018
UFOs at ECETI Ranch – Soul Tech August 10th 2018 18 August 2018
Major Bigfoot Activity In The Pacific Northwest 18 August 2018
UFOs & Mind-Altering Drugs: A Connection? 15 August 2018
They’ve ‘Seen Things’ 15 August 2018
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