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Move over, Roswell. Dulce is home to true UFO believers 08 May 2016
Video captures mysterious bright white UFO 'shaped like an angel' in the skies over Alicante 07 May 2016
Mysterious Triangular Craft, Strange Booms and Creature Encounter Like Varginha, Brazil 06 May 2016
Billy Cox: And the meek shall inherit the Earth 06 May 2016
Has a UFO been monitoring Yellowstone in preparation for MASSIVE eruption? 06 May 2016
District 9 in real life? 'Secret alien invasion' claims as UFO spotted in lightning storm over South Africa 06 May 2016
Turkish witness photographs oval UFO 05 May 2016
Documentary provides new evidence for famous military UFO case 05 May 2016
Mysterious flying object caught circling skies as 'alien experts' claim it is moment a UFO's cloaking device fails 05 May 2016
Truth over Roswell FINALLY revealed? First ever UFO public inquiry 'could have answers' 05 May 2016
Alien Invasion False-Flag Imminent: NWO Globalists Plan To Stop Donald Trump By Staging Project Blue Beam ET Invasion, Conspiracy Theorists Warn (;-))) 04 May 2016
SHOCKING CLAIM: 'Living alien UFOs are regularly visiting Earth from space 04 May 2016
Morphing Daylight UFO Over LA 04 May 2016
Odd Washington Daylight UFO 03 May 2016
Strange 'alien structures' captured on Lunar Orbiter circling the Moon 'are evidence of UFO colony' 03 May 2016
Video Shows Time Traveler Using 21st Century Camera Phone At Mike Tyson Fight In 1995, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video] 01 May 2016
Hudson Valley Bigfoot encounters evolve 30 April 2016
Surrounded by Bigfoot-multiple Bigfoot caught on film 30 April 2016
Billy Cox: The Trump spin’s gonna rock 30 April 2016
‘UFO’ Spotted On Live Cam Over Elk Refuge Near Yellowstone: Aliens Monitoring Supervolcano Could Mean Eruption Is Imminent, Conspiracy Theorists Raise Alarm [Video] 30 April 2016
Billy Cox: On looking inward 30 April 2016
Mystery 'triangle UFO' seen on BOTH sides of US in seperate sightings just 24 hours apart 28 April 2016
Delta Force agent claims they were 'abducted by UFO' in shock complaint to US military (baloney!) 28 April 2016
Amateur astronomer captures bizarre footage of 'alien movement on the moon' 28 April 2016
‘Aliens tried to save America from nuclear war’: UFOs shot at missiles in White Sands to protect Earth, says former astronaut 27 April 2016
‘Alien spacecraft’ 91m under Baltic Sea is still baffling experts 5 years on 26 April 2016
The Uncanny Vallee: Face to Face with a UFO Legend 25 April 2016
Valerie Recalls Some 20 Years Ago When She Was ‘Abducted By Aliens’ 25 April 2016
The incredible mystery of the ‘alien spacecraft’ that lies at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 25 April 2016
Fascinating Interview with British Columbia Sasquatch Researcher 25 April 2016
Bigfoot Seen Escaping Forest Fire 24 April 2016
What is this?…. Alien or Mutation??? 24 April 2016
Objects over Pacific Ocean 4-18-2016 San Diego, CAg 23 April 2016
Computer UFO detector 23 April 2016
Billy Cox: Why you should learn Spanish 23 April 2016
Hillary Clinton tells 'alien abductee' national security could block UFO truth bid 21 April 2016
Fears of the apocalypse after 'huge fireball' turns sky blood red 21 April 2016
UFOs hounding the ISS: NASA finally speaks over 'aliens at space station' 21 April 2016
Phoenix airport employee reports UFO near tower 21 April 2016
Canadian UFO report takes the media by storm 20 April 2016
Elk Hunter Encounters Bigfoot in Big Hole Mountains 19 April 2016
The Weird Tale of the Man Who Discovered “Gravity Shielding” UFO-like Technologies 19 April 2016
Attack of the Eggs: Odd Encounters with Ovalular UFOs 19 April 2016
Massive triangle UFO over Hessdalen, Norway 16-Apr-2016 19 April 2016
NASA feed 'goes down as horseshoe UFO appears on ISS live cam' sparking claims of alien cover up 19 April 2016
My Smoking Gun UFO Proof 19 April 2016
Huge Cigar Shaped UFO Photographed Over London 18 April 2016
Startling footage captures TWO UFOs hovering over same UK town in one night 18 April 2016
Three 'flying saucers' circle above UK city in amazing clip 18 April 2016
UFO Hunter Films Mysterious ‘Cyborg’ Alien UFOs Over Red Rock Canyon In Las Vegas Near Area 51 [Video] 17 April 2016
Billy Cox: Maybe it’s the Indians … 16 April 2016
Radar operators say UFO travelled 120 miles in 8 SECONDS in Britain's famed close encounter 16 April 2016
Netherlands UFO witness recounts military encounter 16 April 2016
Eerie footage shows UFO in the skies near historic Machu Picchu 16 April 2016
MUFON UFO Expert Presents ‘Proof’ Of Underwater UFO Base And ‘USOs’ Off Southern California Coast [Video] 16 April 2016
Spooked driver and daughter capture black 'flying saucer' UFO hovering above trees near busy road 16 April 2016
Could this monstrous mummified animal be the legendary Chupacabra? 16 April 2016
UFO Flying Over The Sea Antalya Turkey, April 3, 2016 16 April 2016
UFO hunter captures jaw dropping footage of 'alien spacecraft close to Area 51 which is not 100% machine' 14 April 2016
Does eerie UFO video show alien spacecraft 'jumping space and time' over Yellowstone National Park? 14 April 2016
Here’s How Hillary Clinton Is Hoping To Win The UFO Vote 12 April 2016
Planet X to really cause mass extinction this month? 11 April 2016
The long, strange history of John Podesta’s space alien obsession 10 April 2016
Hunter Watches Bigfoot Stalk A Deer 09 April 2016
Hillary Clinton Chases UFO Believer Vote, ‘The American People Can Handle The Truth’ About Aliens 09 April 2016
Billy Cox: An ice bath for HRC’s transparency 09 April 2016
Aggressive Bigfoot runs family off property in Kentucky 09 April 2016
Bigfoot Sighting caught on Browning Spec Ops HD Trail Camera Breakdown 09 April 2016
Airline Pilot Sighted ‘One-Mile-Wide’ UFO Near Nephi, Utah: Control Tower Communication Heard By Ham Radio Operator 09 April 2016
Odd creature filmed at Barrington Quarry in Western Australia 07 April 2016
UFO Over Phoenix, Arizona Resembles Walking Figure April 2016, Video 07 April 2016
NASA Can’t Deny This Huge ‘Alien UFO Spacecraft’ On ISS Live Feed — Evidence Of On-going Top-Secret Talks With Extraterrestrial Races: UFO Hunters [Video] 07 April 2016
Flying Humanoid Anomaly 07 April 2016
Deputy Sheriff Is Terrified By Sasquatch Pacing In Treeline 06 April 2016
UFO Caught over a ranch in Puebla Mexico 06 April 2016
Alabama cylinder UFO caught briefly on witness video 06 April 2016
Mysterious Alien UFO Spacecraft Spotted Near Empire State Building May Have Been Visiting Earth For Tourism: UFO Researchers [Photo] 05 April 2016
The Camera That May Change UFO and Ghost Photography 05 April 2016
Huge UFO Mothership Has Entered Our Solar System, Say Astronomers 05 April 2016
Former USAF aircraft mechanic films two UFOs 03 April 2016
Something Found This Hidden Trail Camera And Didn't Like It 02 April 2016
Logger Has Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter In Northern California 02 April 2016
UFOs reported moving in low formation over Ohio 02 April 2016
They're Back! Phoenix Lights Caught Over Arizona Again! 3/31/16 02 April 2016
Little Green Men: A Look at the Official Soviet X-Files Investigation 31 March 2016
Mysterious pulsating, multicolored, and square-shaped UFO 31 March 2016
Mystery 'creature' filmed in the River Thames 31 March 2016
Grey Aliens Signed Treaty With Eisenhower In 1954, After U.S. Government Rejected Overtures From Nordic Or Pleiadian Aliens, Say Conspiracy Theorists ;-) 30 March 2016
What will be revealed if Hillary Clinton lifts lid on US Air Force's notorious Area 51? 30 March 2016
Army Officer Turned Ufologist Antonio Paris Chases Aliens With Reasonable Doubt 30 March 2016
Billy Cox: Alas, another punchline 30 March 2016
Scientist's Entire Perspective On Life Changed After His Bigfoot Encounter 29 March 2016
Bigfoot Sightings Near Restricted Area In Ohio 29 March 2016
Another UFO Incident Over Vladimir Putin’s Hometown 29 March 2016
They Walk Among Us 29 March 2016
Impressive Video of UFO Over South Carolina 23 March 2016
Mystery of Pulsing Pink Beam in Pedricktown, NJ. 22 March 2016
Alien Hunters Want NASA To Explain This ‘Formation Of UFOs’ 22 March 2016
Large illuminating Object UFO captured over MudgeeN S W Australia 17 03 2016 19 March 2016