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Hundreds Sight Mysterious Flying Saucer As ‘Big As A Plane’ Hovering Over Geneva Stadium 17 October 2016
PROOF OF LIFE? Crab-like creature eats another bug ON MARS in astonishing NASA video 17 October 2016
Mum believes British UFO conspiracy theorist was killed by one of his 'dark and dangerous' enemies 17 October 2016
Earth Is Under Observation, Will Be Swarming With Aliens In 20 Years: Fringe Science Enthusiast 16 October 2016
Uptick In Alien UFO Activity Around Yellowstone Amid Fears Of Apocalyptic Supervolcano Eruption, According To ET Hunters [Video] 15 October 2016
‘Completely crazy’: Freaky UFO lights up Geneva, stuns onlookers (VIDEO) 14 October 2016
WikiLeaks Dumps of John Podesta's UFO-Related Emails 13 October 2016
WIKILEAKS EMAILS: Clinton told of 'Roswell whistleblower' and where 'UFO wreckage stored' 12 October 2016
‘Warp-Speed’ UFO ‘150 Times Faster Than Man-Made Aircraft’ Captured On Flight Tracker — Irrefutable Proof Of ET Visitation, Alien Hunters Claim [Video] 11 October 2016
Wall Street Journal: WikiLeaks Reveals UFO ​Messages in Clinton Campaign Emails 10 October 2016
Wikileaks Leaks Emails About Podesta and Extraterrestrials 10 October 2016
Alien seen walking around in jaw-dropping UFO photos 09 October 2016
Top NASA Official Talks Alien Apocalypse: ‘If You Guys Knew [What] We Do, You Will Never Sleep Again’ 09 October 2016
Glowing UFO hovering over Yorkshire town for more than an HOUR leaves former cop baffled 09 October 2016
Bigfoot Terror On The Navajo Nation 09 October 2016
UFO filmed LANDING in Russia after ball of light seen over Moscow skies 08 October 2016
Man films mysterious ‘glowing red ball’ flying in weird directions in sky above Scotland 07 October 2016
Bizarre footage shows people leaving their cars on the motorway to film UFO swooping over cars 07 October 2016
Bizarre footage captures UFO hovering over block of flats in Russia 07 October 2016
Hunters Harassed by Bigfoot Carson Lake Colorado 07 October 2016
New Billy Meier Interview 07 October 2016
MoD 'covered up UFO files', army chief sensationally claims 06 October 2016
Is ET cleaning up? Creepy UFO zaps plane's chemtrail cloud from the sky in erratic flight manoeuvres 04 October 2016
Researcher captures new photo of Bigfoot 04 October 2016
Leaked NASA Email About Aliens? Strange Lights Over NC & More! 10/1/16 03 October 2016
Mystery aircraft spied above UK town as multiple witnesses report strange activity in sky 03 October 2016
Drivers left stunned as mysterious UFO which resembles comic book hero is spotted in sky 03 October 2016
'SOMETHING BIG COMING': Claim after NASA 'shut down ISS cameras when UFO appeared' 03 October 2016
NASA cuts live feed from ISS after ‘UFO’ spotted (VIDEO) 03 October 2016
Very Creepy Bigfoot Activity 30 September 2016
Mysterious 'fire in the sky' captured on video over Louisiana: Plasma phenomenon? 30 September 2016
Giant 4 Armed UFO Passes Near The Sun Once Again In NASA Photo 29 September 2016
Disc-shaped UFO 'caught on NASA cameras' floating over Earth adding fuel to new alien conspiracy theories 29 September 2016
Police helicopter films UFO on thermal camera 28 September 2016
UFO Sighted in Mars? Does NASA Photo Show 'Alien' Flying Saucer? 27 September 2016
VIDEO - Explain this: UFO invisible to the naked eye recorded on police helicopter 26 September 2016
Colorado witness describes black helicopters chasing UFO 23 September 2016
UFO? Rogue satellite? Just what was this massive FIREBALL over London? 22 September 2016
Alien UFO Merchant Fleet Spotted Flying In Formation Past Our Sun On NASA’s SOHO Satellite Image, ET Hunters Claim [Video] 21 September 2016
Game warden tells stories of Bigfoot in the National Parks - What not to do 21 September 2016
Cylinder UFO videotaped over small New York town 20 September 2016
Aliens In UFO Warned Abductee That Asteroid Will Soon Devastate Earth [Video] 20 September 2016
UFO Over Recent San Bernadino Fire 19 September 2016
People left stunned after UFO spotted hovering over Devon 19 September 2016
National Archives’ SA director Nick Gleghorn to deliver talk on ‘real-life’ documentation of UFOs 17 September 2016
Multiple Sightings Of UFOs Chased By Helicopter In England 17 September 2016
Gigantic Four-Armed UFO Sails Once Again Past Sun — NASA Still Won’t Talk About Artificial Object Spotted In 2011, 2012 And 2016, Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video] 15 September 2016
Eerie footage shows huge 'Star Wars spaceship' amidst thick cloud 15 September 2016
UFOs hover over Washington DC more than two hours 15 September 2016
Bigfoot Video Shows Creature Burying A Drug-Trafficking Surveillance Camera? 14 September 2016
Bizarre 'UFOs' caught shining over UK forest by stunned dog walker moments before fully charged camera mysteriously dies 14 September 2016
Reports of 'triangle spaceships being chased by a helicopter' above Devon 14 September 2016
Washington witness describes UFO with fins 14 September 2016
Utah witness takes multiple photos of disc UFO 12 September 2016
"Mirage Men?": Ansty, Wiltshire Eyewitness: “8 People Over 2 Weeks Made the MOTHERSHIP Wheat Pattern” 12 September 2016
Elon Musk: 'We Have Not Ruled Out' That UFO Caused Space X Explosion (VIDEO) 10 September 2016
Mystery as 'sinister' UFO jets out of massive lightning storm as tornado tears through clouds beneath it 10 September 2016
Is there an underground UFO base at Scammonden Dam? Latest sighting was just last week 10 September 2016
A Russian state news organization has suddenly become obsessed with UFOs 08 September 2016
The Paulding Light: Has glowing orb mystery finally been solved after 50 years? 08 September 2016
Australian Bigfoot spotted roaming woodland in ‘credible’ footage 07 September 2016
Cattle mutilations, Roswell and a UFO sighting at an RAF base means 'aliens are already HERE' 07 September 2016
RENDLESHAM 'COVER UP': Former cop wants truth 'once and for all' over UK's Roswell 07 September 2016
UFOs Over Malibu 07 September 2016
Roswell UFO And Alien Corpses Were Stored Inside Top-Secret Hangar 18 At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Whistleblowers Claim [Video] 06 September 2016
Mystery over new 'Bigfoot' footage after cameras capture mysterious giant ape-like creature 05 September 2016
UFOs In Antiquity: Renowned Scientist Publishes A Series Of Historical Artwork Depicting Possible Extraterrestrial Visitation 04 September 2016
The Moon Is A UFO Observatory Built By Aliens That Engineered Earth’s Atmosphere And Created DNA, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video] 04 September 2016
Did A UFO Blow Up SpaceX? Watch Slow Motion Footage! 04 September 2016
UFOs Caught On ISS Livestream: Footage Emerges With 2 'UFOs' Hovering Near International Space Station 04 September 2016
Arizona UFO returns multiple times same night 04 September 2016
A Top Secret Black-Budget Secret Space Program That’s Reversed-Engineered Extraterrestrial Technology? 04 September 2016
Conspiracy theorists claim aliens sabotaged SpaceX launch as bizarre theory says ‘anomaly’ flew over rocket that exploded 04 September 2016
Enormous UFO captured on film in remote Malaysian village 04 September 2016
UFO Researcher: Top-Secret Alien Plan To Take Over Earth Nears Completion As Alien-Human Hybrids Infiltrate And Integrate Into Human Society [Video] 14 August 2016
UFO Spotted Over Brownsville, Texas, Could Be From A Nearby Underwater Base, Says Enthusiast [Video] 12 August 2016
UFO OR MILITARY VEHICLE | Breathtaking UFO Sighting New York 09 August 2016
SHOCK DISCOVERY: Pic of strange 'beast' organism scientists claim is PROOF aliens exist 07 August 2016
Florida witness videotapes sphere UFOs 07 August 2016
Florida witness catches boomerang UFO on video 04 August 2016
UFO over the St. Louis Arch? More video surfaces of unexplained lights 04 August 2016
CHURCHILL'S X-FILES: Bulldog PM ordered UFO inquiry but 'covered up results' 02 August 2016
Plasma Ball Landing in Russia 01 August 2016
Dubai witness photographs UFO over workplace 28 July 2016
Triangle UFO videotaped low over Virginia 28 July 2016
Bizarre ‘Living Creature’ UFO Spotted Swimming In The Air Like An Eel In Water Over Hendersonville, Tennessee [Photo] 27 July 2016
Tall White Alien UFO Spacecraft Lands At Nellis AFB Under The Cover Of Red Flag 16-3 Combat Training Exercise, According To UFO Hunters [Video] 24 July 2016
Bizarre glowing purple UFO with three rear lights probed by investigators 23 July 2016
Second UFO researcher dies fuelling claims of 'Men in Black' murder spree 23 July 2016
Former Gov’t Officials Discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena at Disclosure Hearing 21 July 2016
Liverpool UFO: Black Unidentified Object Photographed Following Plane [Video] 21 July 2016
UFO sightings during official launches of missiles at Vandenberg AFB 1965 to 1978 20 July 2016
Mystery black aircraft spotted hovering over Scotland for 15 minutes in startling footage 20 July 2016
Oregon UFO distorts air crossing property at four feet 20 July 2016
Conspiracy fans think someone – or something – is killing off the world’s top UFO researchers 20 July 2016
"I was shown inside Alien UFO at Area 51" - Government Chief’s Death Bed Confession 19 July 2016
Former British Army soldier makes sensational claim he was abducted by aliens 17 July 2016
Florida witness captures golden "Bird of Prey" UFO in photo 16 July 2016
Billy Cox: Bracing for more reruns 14 July 2016
SHOCKING CLAIM: Policeman saw TALL WHITE ALIENS walking through crop circle 13 July 2016