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They're Back! Phoenix Lights Caught Over Arizona Again! 3/31/16 02 April 2016
Little Green Men: A Look at the Official Soviet X-Files Investigation 31 March 2016
Mysterious pulsating, multicolored, and square-shaped UFO 31 March 2016
Mystery 'creature' filmed in the River Thames 31 March 2016
Grey Aliens Signed Treaty With Eisenhower In 1954, After U.S. Government Rejected Overtures From Nordic Or Pleiadian Aliens, Say Conspiracy Theorists ;-) 30 March 2016
What will be revealed if Hillary Clinton lifts lid on US Air Force's notorious Area 51? 30 March 2016
Army Officer Turned Ufologist Antonio Paris Chases Aliens With Reasonable Doubt 30 March 2016
Billy Cox: Alas, another punchline 30 March 2016
Scientist's Entire Perspective On Life Changed After His Bigfoot Encounter 29 March 2016
Bigfoot Sightings Near Restricted Area In Ohio 29 March 2016
Another UFO Incident Over Vladimir Putin’s Hometown 29 March 2016
They Walk Among Us 29 March 2016
Impressive Video of UFO Over South Carolina 23 March 2016
Mystery of Pulsing Pink Beam in Pedricktown, NJ. 22 March 2016
Alien Hunters Want NASA To Explain This ‘Formation Of UFOs’ 22 March 2016
Large illuminating Object UFO captured over MudgeeN S W Australia 17 03 2016 19 March 2016
Bizarre T-shaped UFO filmed above river 'is shape-shifting aircraft which can make itself INVISIBLE' 15 March 2016
The Incredible Science Of Precognitive Dreaming 15 March 2016
Couple left 'paralysed' after filming mystery colour-changing 'UFO' as it flew into lake 15 March 2016
VIDEO: “Did you hear that?” Listen to these very unusual noises heard in Drogheda last night 15 March 2016
Is mysterious UFO seen in Apollo moon mission photo a super secret US 'Black Manta' spacecraft? (No) 15 March 2016
High Strangeness In The Woods - Is Bigfoot Taking People? 15 March 2016
Could this be 'UFOs arriving on Earth through portals to another dimension?' 14 March 2016
THE TRAIL TO BIGFOOT: The Infrared Trap Brief 14 March 2016
Billy Cox: Fish in a barrel again 12 March 2016
UFO scares fighter pilot 12 March 2016
Is there a massive underwater UFO base in Guantanamo Bay? 10 March 2016
Staff sergeant recalls UFO encounter near North Dakota base 10 March 2016
UFO Spiral Mystery Caught On Camera Over Osaka 10 March 2016
Astonishing dashcam footage shows moment mystery UFO craft circle the skies over Britain 10 March 2016
'Undeniable alien spacecraft' spotted in night sky by motorist's dashcam 10 March 2016
EXCLUSIVE: MoD Scientist is latest whistleblower after bizarre 'encounter with THIS UFO' 08 March 2016
Former Marine describes Guantanamo Bay, UFO activity 08 March 2016
Pennsylvania witness videotapes returning UFO 08 March 2016
You know Area 51, but just what in the world is Area 6? 07 March 2016
Pensioner photographs UFO after hearing noise ‘like a thousand hoovers’ 07 March 2016
This Is What It's Like to Be the Only Man in Washington Lobbying for UFOs 05 March 2016
'Aliens are controlling the SUN': UFO hunters say they have spotted strange ships near the solar surface in latest bizarre claim 05 March 2016
Los Angeles Judge Turned into a Reptilian, Says Man 05 March 2016
Omaha police officer has triangle UFO encounter 03 March 2016
Hillary Clinton AGAIN vows to find out what White House knows about aliens and UFOs 03 March 2016
Shock UFO warning: Staggering claims ‘prove ALIENS exist’ 29 February 2016
Weird noises are coming from an Apple complex 28 February 2016
Minot AFB Minuteman Missile Silo Hatch Sealed Shut by UFO with Air Force Crew Inside 28 February 2016
UFO 'caught on camera' flying in the skies above London by stunned policemen 28 February 2016
Bigfoot Sounds Caight on Video? 28 February 2016
Mysterious Hum From Depths of Pacific Due To Underwater Alien UFO Base — UFOlogists Reject Scientific Theory That Hum Is Due To Sea Creatures ‘Farting’ 28 February 2016
Alleged retired Navy petty officer claims to have seen Top Secret UFO files 28 February 2016
Inside Area 51 – New Drone Footage | VIDEO 25 February 2016
Based On A String of Mysterious Sightings, Researchers Believe a Major Alien Invasion is Happening Right Now Covertly 25 February 2016
EXCLUSIVE: Navy whistleblower 'saw proof of aliens and UFOs on Earth' 25 February 2016
Retired Couple Spot Bigfoot While Metal Detecting In Northern California 23 February 2016
NASA Doesn’t Want You To Hear This Recording Of An Alien Voice Found In UFO Probe On Mars, According to Conspiracy Theorists 23 February 2016
Is Britain About to Release Documents Proving Aliens Exist? 23 February 2016
Eyes Only: How the CIA Kept Tabs on a Civilian UFO Research Group 23 February 2016
Alien UFO Expeditionary Fleet May Have Arrived In Our Solar System — Giant Structure Spotted Approaching Jupiter’s Moon Europa, According To UFO Hunters [Photos] 22 February 2016
Mysterious and Eerie UFO Appeas Near Jupiter’s Moon Europa 22 February 2016
CIA release former top secret documents about 'alien UFOs landing on earth' 22 February 2016
Bigger than Roswell? Top secret CIA files unearth hidden UFO sightings 22 February 2016
A British Man Says He Photographed an UFO in the Sky over Devon 22 February 2016
Strange Noise Mystifying And Freaking Out Oregon Neighborhood Residents — Are Aliens To Blame? 19 February 2016
'Leaked footage' of mythical 'Black Knight' UFO hounding ISS emerges 19 February 2016
FO 'spotted tracking the International Space Station' in footage taken from "satellite's own cameras" 19 February 2016
Stealth Alien Invasion Of Earth Under Way, UFO Hunters Raise Alarm Following Multiple Reports Of UFOs Dropping ‘Pods’ Across The Country [Videos] 19 February 2016
UFOs over Kent? Experts are baffled as at least six mysterious lights appear in the sky and stay there for half an hour 18 February 2016
Government Says It Has Lost More UFO X-Files (yea, sure) 16 February 2016
The bizarre road tunnel which sends people who drive through it 'BACK IN TIME' 16 February 2016
Astonishing NASA Asteroid Video Is Actually Proof Of A UFO Say Alien Hunters 16 February 2016
Why UFO sightings spike like crazy in the summer 15 February 2016
Top Secret Files Leaked of ET Crash Landing and Recovery of Live Alien - The 1996 "Hungarian Roswell" You Never Knew About 14 February 2016
Mysterious Bright Orb UFO Drops Alien ‘Landing Pod’ Over Spokane Valley In Washington [Video] 13 February 2016
Is Bigfoot hiding in northwest New Mexico? (yes!) 12 February 2016
REVEALED: Secret US plan to use fear of alien invasion in sinister PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE 12 February 2016
UFOs & Radar: A Classic Case 12 February 2016
CIA cover up: Spooks secrecy over UFO sightings to prevent 'mass hysteria' exposed 12 February 2016
UFO: “Violent Avoiding Action” 12 February 2016
What IS this mystery mummy? 'Extinct' predator with ferocious fangs and a whip-like tail is found in a Turkish basement 11 February 2016
Pt. 2 Why Wasn't Laurance Rockefeller Pressure On Hillary and Bill Clinton to Open Up Secret UFO Files Successful? 11 February 2016
Director of UFO film ‘The Phoenix Incident’ believes in his story 10 February 2016
Billy Cox: The way of the explorer 10 February 2016
UFO above Thornaby? 10 February 2016
Mysterious 'Alien Spire' Explained As Moon Crater By NASA Scientist 10 February 2016
Does Bigfoot live in the mountains surrounding Pocatello? 06 February 2016
Glowing sphere UFO drops object to ground level 06 February 2016
UFO Sightings in Russia: Footage Is ‘Authentic,’ Says Experts [WATCH] 04 February 2016
Another Huge, Ground-Shaking Boom in New York — Not Sonic and Not Seismic 02 February 2016
Mysterious UFO hovering in skies above Manchester caught on camera in grainy footage 02 February 2016
Enormous Spire Found in Google Moon 01 February 2016
The incredible pictures scientists say prove 'invisible alien entities ARE here on Earth' 31 January 2016
GoPro Video of Giant Cigar UFO Above Snowboarder? 31 January 2016
Has Google Earth Blacked Out Secret UFO Base At Mountain Peak Of The Himalayas? 31 January 2016
Alien Abduction or Mind-Manipulation? – Nick Redfern 29 January 2016
7 of the most surreal UFO documents from the CIA archive 29 January 2016
Cyptids: They continue to enthrall 28 January 2016
The reality of Polymorphic/Morphing Anomalies/UFOs 28 January 2016
Bio Terror on American Airlines? 27 January 2016
Huge Underground Base Entrances Found On Mars In Google Mars? 27 January 2016
WATCH: BIZARRE white UFO filmed in cloudless sky 'is alien technology' 27 January 2016
Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) 26 January 2016