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UFOs Sucking Up Water From Oceans Around The Globe! 1/23/17 24 January 2017
Mystery ball of light caught on camera hovering eerily in night sky as 'UFO' leaves experts baffled 23 January 2017
Roswell UFO Crash Was ‘Real’: Government Cover-Ups Continue For Fear Of Social Meltdown, MUFON Exec Claims 22 January 2017
CIA releases INCREDIBLE top secret image of UFO flying over the Eiffel Tower 20 January 2017
CIA files: Uri Geller has real powers 20 January 2017
Real US 'secret base for hiding UFOs' is REVEALED 19 January 2017
What is causing SUPER-GRAVITY in the frozen wastes of Antarctica? 19 January 2017
CIA FOIA Library (UFOs) 18 January 2017
Footage Shows UFO Hit By Lightning Over French Mountains: Mysterious Craft Smokes As It Crashes To Earth, ET Chaser Claims [Video] 18 January 2017
CIA releases 13m pages of declassified documents online 18 January 2017
MUFON's Jan Harzan On Area 51, Jimmy Carter's UFO Sighting And History Channel's Hangar 1 Series 18 January 2017
Astonishing Crop Circles Amaze Researchers 17 January 2017
Did You See That? Why Are They Trying To Hide The Existence Of Aliens From People? 17 January 2017
Alleged UFO Caught On Film From The ISS; Astronauts Covered It 17 January 2017
Government Is Considering Disclosure About Tall White Aliens, Whistleblower Claims: U.S. Signed Technology Transfer Treaty With ET Species After World War II 15 January 2017
What is the bizarre UFO which is appearing above cities ALL ACROSS Europe? 14 January 2017
Ellendale man believes huge footprints belong to Bigfoot 11 January 2017
Bizarre satellites images reveal 'massive staircase leading up side of huge mountain in Antarctica' 11 January 2017
Chilean Navy Declassifies UFO Video: Officially It Was A ‘UAP,’ But French Expert Analysis Dismissed 08 January 2017
UFO hunters find giant ‘alien claw’ buried beneath Peruvian desert 08 January 2017
Gigantic ‘Star Trek-like’ Starship UFO, As Big As Earth’s Moon, Spotted In NASA Photo Near Our Sun, ET Hunters Claim [Video] ;-) 07 January 2017
NASA Image reveals Radio Telescope on the Lunar Surface? 07 January 2017
Chilean officials can’t identify a strange IR signal seen by its Navy 07 January 2017
Chile gives up trying to explain nine-minute UFO video 06 January 2017
Alien UFO ‘Normandy’ Invasion? Mysterious Mothership Flashes Signals To Approaching Smaller Craft Over British Beach [Video] 06 January 2017
‘Star Trek UFO' hovering above lake convinces staunch sceptic aliens DO exist 06 January 2017
Earth Is Going To End In 2017: Conspiracy Theory Suggests Planet X Will Cause The End Of The World (can't wait!;-) 04 January 2017
Triangle UFO Mystery: Massive, Eerily Silent And Fast, Reports Indicate Objects Are Becoming More Prevalent 02 January 2017
Mysterious Object Under The Surface Of Antarctica Could Be 'Nazi UFO Bases,' Conspiracy Theorists Claim 01 January 2017
UFO News: Possible Fireball UFOs Terrorize North Carolina Witness 01 January 2017
First Nations Encounters With Sasquatch 01 January 2017
Mystery UFO hovers over Brazilian rainforest as stunned fishermen scramble to capture stunning footage 30 December 2016
CIA Primer: How To Investigate a Flying Saucer 28 December 2016
Is there a Nazi UFO site buried in the Antarctic? Bizarre theory claims base is hidden in mysterious 150-mile anomaly 28 December 2016
Couple Witnesses UFO Craft with Red Lights Over New York - December 26th, 2016 28 December 2016
Alabama Bigfoot and what happend the day after the howls. 27 December 2016
Inexplicable UFO captured on radar over air base - claims former RAF Lieutenant 23 December 2016
Bizarre triangle UFO mystery continues after yet MORE sightings of 'alien ships' 23 December 2016
SHOCK CLAIM: Alien UFO 'sprayed radioactive green chemicals' over homes 23 December 2016
Spoon Found On Mars In NASA photo 'proves intelligent life lived on the Red Planet' ;-) 21 December 2016
Bizarre triangle UFO mystery deepens as FOUR tailed by other craft seen over homes 21 December 2016
Secret Document Reveals UFO And Alien Existence; Details Show Biology And Languages 20 December 2016
Mysterious Trumpet Sounds Heard All Night in Spokane Valley 18 December 2016
A Missing Scientist’s Personal Diary Proves Existence Of Aliens, UFOs, And Secret Government Projects 17 December 2016
Spacemen Are Not All Alone Up There? NASA ISS Live Feed Shows UFO Moving Across Space Station's Orbit? 17 December 2016
UFO conspiracy theorist who sent cryptic final text to mum 'vomited two litres of black fluid' before dying 17 December 2016
Bizarre 'Death Star' is spotted over Japan: Alien hunters claim spherical object is a UFO in hiding – but experts say it's just a fractus cloud 15 December 2016
UFO Sighting: Did Someone Discover A Kardashev Type IV Civilization? 13 December 2016
Russia’s Vladimir Putin says his military should have played along with teleportation tech rumours to panic the West 09 December 2016
Apollo 17 Mission Badges Dissected! Do They Reveal Hidden Message About Aliens' Existence On The Moon? 08 December 2016
The 'golden cigar' UFO: Strange object flashes red and blue as it appears to fly past the International Space Station 08 December 2016
John Lennon ‘believed he had been abducted by aliens’ when he was a child 08 December 2016
Case 80642 - Houston, TX - November 23, 2016 07 December 2016
Russians find mysterious Nazi chest with strange ‘alien’ skulls inside Rob Waugh 07 December 2016
Behind the 'Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs' 07 December 2016
'IT WAS NOT FROM THIS WORLD' Witness to ‘Britain’s Roswell’ UFO incident at Rendlesham Forest breaks 36 year silence 07 December 2016
UFO Sighting 2016: Another UFO Spotted In Texas 06 December 2016
Shocked passenger pictures mysterious POLE floating 5,000 feet high 06 December 2016
Secret USAF Tests Of Alien UFO Spacecraft Technology Ongoing At Nellis AFB, ET Hunters Claim [Video] 05 December 2016
Brandon May Be Becoming Canada’s New UFO Hot Spot 05 December 2016
Camouflaged "Dome UFO" Hiding In UK Village? 12/4/16 04 December 2016
Three UFOs Over Las Vegas Using Night Vision Technology 04 December 2016
Conspiracy Theorists Claim Government UFO Cover-Up As Terrified Witness Films Chase In Canada 04 December 2016
Major New Release of Highly Classified McDonnell Douglas Missiles and Space UFO-ET Related Advanced Propulsion System Documents 02 December 2016
Mysterious video shows 'shapeshifting UFO' hovering in the skies over Texas 02 December 2016
What Was Large “Balloon”-Shaped Aerial Object Witnessed Over Lake Ontario That Forced Pilots to Dive Below It On November 14th? 29 November 2016
Bigfoot Destroys Everything In Its Path 29 November 2016
Mass UFO Sightings Being Reported All Over Turkey 29 November 2016
Sphere UFO lights up California campsite 29 November 2016
UFOs Over Turkey, Or Project Blue Beam Technology? 29 November 2016
Is there an ancient civilisation on Mars? UFO hunters claim to have found 'walled cities' in Nasa images 29 November 2016
Bizarre pictures of flashing lights over Canada and Mexico spark UFO fears 29 November 2016
Strange Pinging Sound on Arctic Seafloor Scaring Off Animals 26 November 2016
UFO Spotted: Life On Mars? Spaceship Seen In Rare NASA Mars Images 26 November 2016
Is that a Yeti on a dashcam video in Russia? 22 November 2016
USAF Veteran Sends UFO Video to NASA For Analysis: Footage Allegedly Shows ‘Mysterious Object’ Flying At About 13,000 mph Over Ayden In North Carolina [Video] 21 November 2016
UFO filmed tailing general's helicopter during Turkish army’s failed takeover bid 21 November 2016
Mystery as ‘balloon-like’ UFOs seen flying in tandem over Liverpool before racing off 20 November 2016
Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras 20 November 2016
Mystery sphere spotted zooming past sun by NASA satellites - sparking conspiracy theories over UFOs 19 November 2016
Tony Grove Bigfoot Sighting by Two Elk Hunters 19 November 2016
SHOCK PHOTOS: Bizarre UFO 'reveals itself before vanishing' 19 November 2016
Did This Astronaut Warn Of Aliens Before Attempting Suicide? (Video) 18 November 2016
UFO Disclosure: ‘Aliens And UFOs Are Real,’ Former Chinese Government Official Confirms [Video] 18 November 2016
Why UFO Sightings Are Frequent in Run Up To Earthquakes? It Is Them Aliens, Say Conspiracy Theorists 16 November 2016
Leaked DOE Emails Discuss Human Testing, Parallel Universes 15 November 2016
What Was Large “Balloon”-Shaped Aerial Object Over Lake Ontario That Forced Pilots to Dive Below It On November 14th? 15 November 2016
UFO captured on video by drone over North Carolina 15 November 2016
Mysterious UFO disappears under layers of clouds in footage 'taken from International Space Station' 15 November 2016
UFO News: ‘Strange Lights’ Spotted In Sky Above Capital City, Sightings In Peru Again 14 November 2016
Amazing Morphing Daylight UFO Over Juneau, Alaska! 14 November 2016
Does UK have its Own ‘Area 51’? 12 November 2016
UK Hiding UFO Files From Public? 09 November 2016
Donald Trump 'tailed by UFO' in chopper during Presidential election campaign 09 November 2016
Pilots were not encouraged to discuss UFOs with media 09 November 2016
Stunning Display Of ‘Pleiadian Alien’ UFO Spacecraft Technology Over Lombardy In Italy Stuns UFOlogists: Sighting Proves Advanced Species Are Visiting Earth, ET Hunters Claim [Video] 06 November 2016
Pentagon Test Of Massive Reverse-Engineered UFO Engine Sparked Panic In Washington State, ET Hunters Claim 06 November 2016
Royal Marine recalls UFO sighting in Cyprus, 1971 03 November 2016
UFO’ spotted over Vienna, frightened onlookers call police (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 31 October 2016
WikiLeaks Documents Reveal United Nations Interest In UFOs 30 October 2016