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Alien Abduction or Mind-Manipulation? – Nick Redfern 29 January 2016
7 of the most surreal UFO documents from the CIA archive 29 January 2016
Cyptids: They continue to enthrall 28 January 2016
The reality of Polymorphic/Morphing Anomalies/UFOs 28 January 2016
Bio Terror on American Airlines? 27 January 2016
Huge Underground Base Entrances Found On Mars In Google Mars? 27 January 2016
WATCH: BIZARRE white UFO filmed in cloudless sky 'is alien technology' 27 January 2016
Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) 26 January 2016
CIA Primer on How to Investigate a UFO 26 January 2016
UFO sightings are common in tiny Colorado town 26 January 2016
Did a UFO crash in the Paradise Valley? 26 January 2016
Orb UFO with searchlight videotaped over Washington 26 January 2016
The government says it has lost more UFO files 26 January 2016
Some of 'world's best ever UFO pictures' go online with CIA former top secret files 26 January 2016
CIA FOIA UFO Collection 26 January 2016
What on EARTH is this? Video showing UFO floating through sky leaves investigators BAFFLED 25 January 2016
STUNNING Video Of Weird Alien Structure Hovering On Moon! 2016 23 January 2016
Amazing footage shows 'real UFO' accidentally filmed as man records plane in sky 23 January 2016
Bizarre UFO with 'trail' which 'blocked out the sun' leaves UFO investigators stumped 23 January 2016
UFOs, JFK, and an Enigmatic Character 23 January 2016
Triangle UFO videotaped over Texas 23 January 2016
Billy Cox: Some ideas about digging 21 January 2016
California witness sees UFO by slowing video down 21 January 2016
Watch diamond-shaped UFO fading in and out of blue sky in eerie footage shot from kitchen window 21 January 2016
LISTEN: Mystery 'alien' noise returns to UK 21 January 2016
Planet Nine: Does incredible discovery of HIDDEN PLANET prove aliens exist? (huh?) 21 January 2016
‘We had sex with aliens... and gave birth to their babies’: Girls make bizarre UFO abduction claim 20 January 2016
These Children's Drawings Of The Aliens Who Abducted Them Are Chilling 19 January 2016
Could this bizarre image of 'humanoid' be world's first taken during an alien abduction? 19 January 2016
US Researchers surrounded by UFOs Light Orbs in NEPAL - January 2016 !!! 18 January 2016
Special effects legend and UFO hunter Doug Trumbull to speak at the 2016 UFO Congress 18 January 2016
UFO Seen Over Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 2016 18 January 2016
Crazy! Fighter Jets Chase UFO & Alien Abduction Pics Surface! 1/17/2016 18 January 2016
Fighter Jets Chasing UFOs Near Nova Zagora (Photos) Bulgaria 16.1.2016 17 January 2016
Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016 17 January 2016
The bizarre object which 'fell from the sky' that UFO hunters say is 'proof of aliens' 16 January 2016
WATCH: Fast-Moving UFO Baffles Astrophotographers 16 January 2016
Amazing UFO Footage From Polish Cornfield 16 January 2016
Stormchaser snaps 'flying saucer' as he waits for lightning to strike 16 January 2016
Bizarre rectangle UFO snapped near Statue of Liberty 16 January 2016
What is this mysterious object speeding towards the ocean? Man claims his drone captured 'UFO travelling at almost 200mph' in dive towards the sea before it suddenly changed direction and flew off 16 January 2016
Wikileaks Cable Reveals Flying “Machines” That “Obscure” Their Shape Spotted Near Military Installations (olde newes) 14 January 2016
UFO Sighting On Prince Edward Island Among ‘Best UFO Sightings’ In Canadian Maritimes [Video] 14 January 2016
Low flying UFO floods Ohio street with light 13 January 2016
Feds Stonewall Request for Aerial Footage Taken by Customs and Border Protection Plane 13 January 2016
Are Deer Traits And Behaviors Influenced By Predators Like Sasquatch? And Why Should We Care? 13 January 2016
UFO Stalking Cows On A Farm? 12 January 2016
Couple film mysterious 'string of pearls' UFO speeding through the night sky - have aliens come to visit us? 12 January 2016
California witness videotapes hovering orb UFO 12 January 2016
UFO captured on film 'emerging from space-time portal in the sky' 12 January 2016
Holidaymaker films UFO in skies above Manchester as he takes off from city's airport 09 January 2016
UFO chases plane in Brazil. Famous actor aboards films everything. 07 January 2016
ETs Looking For A Place To Park? 07 January 2016
Why So Many People Are Reading This Old FBI Memo About UFOs 07 January 2016
Five Hundred US Military Personnel Witnessed Two UFOs Near Roswell in 1971 06 January 2016
Jet passenger videotapes cylinder UFO near Puerto Rico 05 January 2016
Have UFO Hunters found an ‘alien structure’ in our solar system? 05 January 2016
Inside Hillary Clinton's Strange, Bizarre UFO Lobby 05 January 2016
SUPERNATURAL STAFFORDSHIRE: Couple's frightening countryside encounter with UFO 03 January 2016
UFO Seen Over Dubai Shortly Before Tower Becomes Inferno 03 January 2016
Stanford Physicist Proclaims: We Have Physical Evidence of UFOs! 03 January 2016
Another Interesting Leak: A Second NASA Scientist Tells Us That ‘Somebody Else’ Is On The Moon 03 January 2016
Hillary Clinton: I will reveal truth about UFOs if I become America's next President 03 January 2016
Merseyside is the UFO capital of Britain as police receive more mysterious calls in the North-West than anywhere else 03 January 2016
Hikers left fleeing in dread after finding 'Devil tree' burning only on the INSIDE 31 December 2015
What’s going on in South America? Two UFO incidents cause panic in different countries 31 December 2015
UFO And Alien Hunters Get Excited After Eerie Bright Light Spotted in Mexico 31 December 2015
Did This Man Find A Wormhole Under His Kitchen Sink? 31 December 2015
Could archaeologists' discovery of '800-year-old mobile phone' prove time travel is real? 29 December 2015
WATCH: Was huge UFO caught on camera a SECOND time on an earth surveillance mission? 29 December 2015
Canadian Air Force Pilot Snaps A Pic Of A UFO During Flight 29 December 2015
Why the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge UFOs 29 December 2015
Giant 'flying saucer' UFO hovering above city sparks debate among sky-watchers 29 December 2015
The only man to ever shoot at a UFO 29 December 2015
'I have proved aliens exist,' claims doc who snapped 'best UFO pic of the YEAR' 27 December 2015
Significant Release Of Never-Before-Seen Australian UFO Policy.... And Get Excited.... Because Some Of It Is Still Classified Part 1 27 December 2015
Nasa used Santa Claus as a codename for THREE UFOs spotted during the lunar landings, claims former employee 27 December 2015
Montana witness reports UFOs look like ‘parachutes’ (Video) 24 December 2015
Bull-wildered: Harvey County sheriff puzzled as Charolais variety found dead, multilated 23 December 2015
UFO captured? Clancy man believes he proves they exist 23 December 2015
Video: Utah UFOs move like ‘school of fish’ 23 December 2015
Part 2: Praying Mantis and Grey Beings - Allies? Or Foes? 22 December 2015
Mathematicians Confirm “Self Replicating Alien Probes Are Already In Our Galaxy” 22 December 2015
An In Depth Look Into the Mass Lake Erie UFO Sightings - New Evidence Surfaces! 22 December 2015
Triangle UFO hovers over Tennessee apartment building 22 December 2015
Cliff Barackman on His Ongoing Quest to Track Down Bigfoot 21 December 2015
Russia’s Mysterious ‘Ark Of Gabriel’ WEAPON – Now On Route To Antarctica ;-) 21 December 2015
Extraordinary Night Video of UFO Fleet Over Santiago, Chile -- 12/15/2015 20 December 2015
UFOs 'spotted circling rocket launching into space by stunned shepherds' 20 December 2015
The Christmas the Aliens Didn’t Come 18 December 2015
Video: Texas witness captures ‘clear’ UFO crossing sky 18 December 2015
Argentina Reports on UFOs While U.S. Ignores Public Demand 17 December 2015
Billy Cox: On CNN's Cosmic Unconsciousness 17 December 2015
Argentine Air Force’s UFO study releases their first report 17 December 2015
NASA Captures Bewildering Footage Of UFO Entering & Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere 17 December 2015
Meet the man who claims he’s been nearly killed by a yowie — twice 16 December 2015
Retired Border Patrol Agent Talks About His Strange Encounters While On Duty 16 December 2015
Man spots UFO 'hovering 200ft above ocean while camping under the stars' 16 December 2015
Astronaut Cries Out In Shock At UFO Sighting? 16 December 2015
California witness describes square lights on UFO 16 December 2015