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Higher-order corrections to mass-charge relation of extremal black holes
The String Landscape, Black Holes and Gravity as the Weakest Force
Equivalence of twistor prescriptions for super Yang-Mills
Cubic Twistorial String Field Theory
Matrix string theory, contact terms, and superstring field theory
Heterotic plane wave matrix models and giant gluons
Asymptotic black hole quasinormal frequencies
An analytical computation of asymptotic Schwarzschild quasinormal frequencies
PP-Wave / CFT_2 Duality
PP-wave string interactions from perturbative Yang-Mills theory
Nonperturbative Formulations of Superstring Theory (Phd Thesis)
Two-parametric zeta function regularization in superstring theory

Are these papers physics or pseudophysics? Are they Popper falsifiable for example. Do they make any predictions? Do they explain any physical anomalies?
See "The Trouble With (String) Physics" by a repentant string theorist Lee Smolin at the Perimeter Institute set up by the founder of the Blackberry.
Also "Not Even Wrong" by Peter Woit.
Motl attacks them of course.

Motl's first paper on extremal black holes might be testable if quarks and leptons really are Bohmian hidden variables that are little black holes that do not Hawking radiate as I suggested back in 1971 when I was at Birkbeck College with David Bohm (in Nature Physical Science). This model requires Abdus Salam's old Yukawa f-gravity G* ~ 10^40G to work. Since black holes are really tangled strings - why not? His giant gluon paper should be testable in the LHC if the paper is really any good? I don't know, maybe it is.

No one doubts that Lubos can snow people with elaborate mathematics, but as Feynman said math is like ....  compared to physics which is the real thing. ;-)