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One Evangelical Christian I know said that God has punished Stephen Hawking to life in a wheel chair because he wrote that God was not necessary in his book “The Grand Design.” This would imply that Einstein’s “greatest blunder” was not the cosmological constant, but his saying that God was subtle not malicious. Indeed, the jealous God, Yahweh, would be unsubtle and malicious, more like The Devil. What do you think?


Now that the retro-causality that Fred Alan Wolf and I have been suggesting for decades has been made fashionable by FQ Foundation, Templeton Prize winner Paul Davies's promotion of Yakir Aharonov's "weak measurements" with the post-selection reaching back from the future to the present etc, Hawking may have missed the boat. I seem to be the only one connecting all the dots here with the hologram universe and Tamara Davis's 2004 Ph.D. Paul Davies was on her committee and I am surprised he did not see the obvious link - maybe he did?


Hawking's "Mind of God" at the end of his "Brief History of Time" is alive and well literally on our 2D future event horizon that is the computer that MIT's Seth Lloyd writes about. The dark energy density in our pre-selected past light cone is the inverse area of our post-selected future light cone's intersection with our future 0bserver-dependent de Sitter horizon hologram. We are its retrocausally projected 3D images in this crazy hologram paradigm unleased by Gerardus 'tHooft and Lenny Susskind. Litttle did they know they had opened Pandora's Box. ;-)