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Many thanks to Hampus Ericsson for sending this report of Sven Kullander’s lecture, “Tomorrow’s Nuclear Power — Will it be Cold or Hot?” which was given at Orebro University in Sweden on November 23rd.

First he started with talking about how the world could change if Rossi is right. Then he went over all different kinds of nuclear plants and last he talked about Rossi. He just went over Ny Tekniks articles and ended with going over Focardi’s article from 1994 were he proves extra energy can be made from hydrogen and nickel.

He said that it must be the fusion of nickel and hydrogen and causes the extra heat in the experiment that he saw in Bologna but as a scientist he couldn’t say that, because that would break the laws of today’s science.

He confirmed that is was NASA that refused to buy the E-Cats the first time, they wanted to know the secret of Rossi’s machine and Rossi said no.

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