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The famous paradox of Schrödinger's cat starts from principles of quantum physics and ends with the bizarre conclusion that a cat can be simultaneously in two physical states – one in which the cat is alive and the other in which it is dead. In real life, however, large objects such as cats clearly don't exist in a superposition of two or more states and this paradox is usually resolved in terms of quantum decoherence. But now physicists in Canada and Switzerland argue that even if decoherence could be prevented, the difficulty of making perfect measurements would stop us from confirming the cat's superposition.

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    • Jack Sarfatti this is very important and it connects with my own recent superluminal retro-active entanglement signaling gedankenexperiment where signal at the receiver = (1/2)(1 + coherent states overlap at the transmitter) that I presented at both DARPA-NASA Orlando Starship meeting 10-1-11 and at SLAC APS meeting 11-11-11