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Dr Jack Sarfatti (right) with Uri Geller?

Dr Jack Sarfatti is a post-quantum theoretical physicist, which basically means he’s spent a lot of time thinking about what happened to the world when Schrödinger finally opened that up box he was dragging his dead cat around in. His brain drifts in the hinterland of scientific endeavour, where it explores the potentials of metamaterials (artificial super materials that take a giant shit on whatever Mother Nature’s sorry ass can muster), how the future can affect the present, the possibility of walking through a time-travelling wormhole in space-time and, of course, aliens. You know, the stuff we all ponder in the quieter moments of our day.

Back in the 1970s he was part of a group of hippy physicists called the Fundamental Fysiks Group. They were like the Merry Pranksters of science, mixing esoteric philosophies with the occidental quantum flowerings of the Enlightenment. Initially dismissed by the mainstream science geeks, they have since been credited with turning the science community on to some of the mindmelting ideas that you’ll hear if you spend 40 minutes watching a BBC Horizon? show about black holes.

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