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We are pleased to release publicly our 2010 Health Horizons research materials: The Future of Science, Technology, and Well-Being.

Science and technology are always advancing. Over the next decade, technical improvements in fields ranging from neuroscience to 3-D printing will converge to create new capacities to treat illness and enhance well-being.

In 2010, the Health Horizons Program set out to systematically explore the future of science, technology, and well-being. The research was designed to inspire you to consider new possibilities, such as how technology can enable us to remake our bodies and minds; how social networks can be programmed to improve our individual and collective well-being; and how technology can provide us with high-resolution previews of the health risks and assets in our day-to-day environment. The 2010 Future of Science, Technology and Well-Being materials offer a guide to this landscape of possibilities, as well as tools to help you develop responses in light of these long-range possibilities.

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