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On 01/01/2011 New Years night at approximately 12:35 am, I step out on my front porch of my west hill Auburn residence in the Camelot neighborhood.

Looking to the east I noticed two glowing objects. They appeared to resemble glowing orange/reddish embers. One was bigger than the other.

My initial thought is that they were flares or fireworks from New Years celebrations,then realized they were not.They were traveling from east to west then a northerly "flow".

If I had to guess an altitude it was approximately 15,000 ft and speed was more of a constant lumbering,if that makes sense, less than that of an airplane.

From the unaided eye they looked unspherical almost rock/asteriod like objects with no contrails.

Certainly doesn't  look like any "weather related objects" to me. To read the rest of the article, click here.