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In the annals of evolutionary development, any species such as humans will tend to judge other species in accordance with the level of their own mentality. For example, till about the mid 1900s modern human society was still discovering primitive tribes of humans in unexplored areas of Africa, South America, and Asia. To those making the discovery these societies were considered savages and their way of life unacceptable. The main objective of those who discovered them was to bring civilization to them in the form of modernization of their living conditions, education and faith in order to integrate them into the modern world.

The explorers never asked these tribes if they wanted to abandon their way of life or allowed any debate on the subject. They were simply deemed as groups of people who needed to become civilized and thus their way of life became history.

The fate of many civilizations such as the Mayans and Incas, which in many ways were more advanced than the explorers who discovered them, was determined based on their primitive lifestyle and above all their system of belief, which was determined as blasphemous to the explorers who were of the Christian faith. The ultimate result of their discovery was their decimation based on the system of ideals of the explorers who found them.

One has to be careful when ascribing human motives and actions to a hypothetical alien entity.  It may not be like anything we can imagine. To read the rest of the article, click here.