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The light sank into the forest near Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, as Hilary Porter and her family drove home.

“In 1977 July, whilst traveling through a military wooded area, still open to the public at that time, we were convinced that something had downed at the edge of the woods,” Porter said.

As they neared the area where the light would have landed, the military was already there.

“We were met with many blacked-windowed Army buses, accompanied by loads of soldiers in combat gear with rifles, all spreading out over the land,” she said. “We had no choice but to turn back and get out of there.”

As they turned to retrace their steps away from the armed soldiers, Hilary and her husband noticed a large, round burn mark on the ground.

After a short drive they realized their encounter wasn’t over.

“After going back down the road for about quarter of a mile suddenly we saw two very thin humanoid beings about six feet or so tall, dressed in all white with helmets, looking on at the soldiers,” she said. “The beings suddenly ran down into a clearing, which both my former husband and I saw, and then they dematerialized right in front of us.”

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