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As an abductee I have witnessed many things at ET’s base of operations. Some of the things we abductees witness appear to be logical such as being on an examination table, having implants installed or upgraded. On the other hand many things are a mystery; such as ‘training’, viewing thousands of round glass jars with an apparently living growing fetus inside each jar. We can guess what is happening and each of us has their own opinion of what might be happening or forms an opinion based on what we are seeing or experiencing. 

There are also instances of witnessing things that seem to defy logic. I’m taking into account screen memories which may be used to influence what we are seeing and guide us in the wrong direction from what is actually happening.

But when I witness the same strange behavior of these grays over the course of many abductions I realize these gray aliens are really strange. I keep wondering; why in the world are they doing this, and what is the purpose?

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