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For countless years, the skies over Newfoundland and Labrador have held strange craft, mysterious lights, and unexplainable phenomena. For reasons as of yet unknown, many sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) tend to cluster in certain areas. One such area of the province that is particularly rich in UFO lore is Conception Bay.

On a clear night in November of 1977 a couple and their four-year-old daughter were returning to St. John’s from a relative’s house in Clarke’s Beach.

Somewhere along Roche’s Line between Clarke’s Beach and the Trans-Canada-Highway the engine of their late-model Pontiac failed suddenly. The husband got out of the car and with the aid of a flashlight peered under the hood.

He tried to get the car started but could not. He then told his wife that he would walk to the nearest telephone for help.

No sooner was the man out of the car once more than a saucer-shaped object with flashing lights appeared out of nowhere, hovering a few hundred feet above the car. The object was making a loud whirring noise and shone with an intense light.

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