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This is one of the most incredible UFO videos I've ever seen.  The video quality isn't the best, due to the fact that it's a consumer quality video camera, and that it appears to be fully zoomed in.  A structured object is shown partially obscured by trees in a forest area surrounding an infectious disease medical facility of some kind outside of Moscow.  Apparently, this area is closed off to the public. Then, at 38 seconds into the video, the large object begins moving through the tree canopy.  The cameraman quickly adjusts, and zooms out.  You see this bizarre looking oblong whitish object effortlessly moving through and out of the dense tree canopy, past the buildings of the "hospital," and towards the upper left portion of the screen, complete with birds flying by, and then the video stops. It's all very bizarre.  Although I'm not a trained expert in image analysis, this sure looks like a real, non CGI video to my untrained eye.  And whatever that object was, it was large, and it moved in a very non-standard fashion, almost as though the trees were not even there.  To view the YouTube video, click here.

UPDATE: There are a number of equally remarkable videos from the Taxco, Mexico area taken of a bizarre, brightly metallic UFO that descends, and like the Moscow forest object, appears to effortlessly glide through the obviously thick forest canopy.  Unlike the huge object in the Moscow video, this object looks like some kind of small probe that seems to pulse in brightness.  In another one of the videos, you can see what appear to be two upright metallic columns gliding through the thick forest.  If you've ever spent any time a forest, you know that any kind of movement for large objects, either on the ground or up in the forest canopy, can be problematic.  But these strange objects fluidly negotiate their way around obstacles, obviously under intelligent control.  Notice the dogs going off in the background on videos 3 & 4.

YouTube Video Number 1
YouTube Video Number 2
YouTube Video Number 3
You Tube Video Number 4

YouTube Video Number 5
YouTube Video Number 6