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"Compare Sri Yantra" to Tamara Davis's Fig 1.1c (PhD 2004) map of our universe from the Alpha Point of inflation creation to the Omega Point of the conformal End Time. The multiverse is represented by a set of overlapping diagrams of the above time that is close to the Sri Yantra symbol." -- Jack Sarfatti

Research at numerous Eugene libraries, including the vast collections of UFO materials at the University of Oregon library, finds numerous versions of the “Sri Yantra” symbol that's featured with this story; while, at the same time, the “watchers” UFO group’s recent meeting at the resort town of Seaside turned up “thousands of Sri Yantra” signatures that have been cropping-up out West and worldwide.

 Sri Yantra is an ancient UFO symbol, say experts.

Moreover, the Sri Yantra is believed to be part of the secret UFO files that Julian Assange showed to friends when disclosing the WikiLeaks files that he wanted kept under wraps.

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