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American astronauts who have reported seeing UFOs and extraterrestrials have been poorly treated by the media.

These heroes have spoken out despite non-disclosure agreements.

These extraordinary men were selected as America's finest servicemen and pilots to make the most marvelous flights that this planet has ever seen, flying rockets into space and to the moon.

These American heroes who go into space have been and still are held up as examples of extreme paradigms to every school child in the nation.

Why would they risk ridicule and censure to speak up about a subject as officially discouraged and outright denied as extraterrestrial contact?

Because they are true American heroes who will not ever lie to the public.

I can't argue with that.  And the government-media mouthpieces who continue spouting the party line and deny the existence of UFOs are scumbags at best, IMO. To read the rest of the article, click here.