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In a front-page article in its Feb. 1, 2011 edition, Maariv’s NRG newspaper, a leading mainstream media Israeli newspaper has stated explicitly that the January 28, 2011 Dome of the Rock UFO orb and a Dec. 16, 2010 Wailing Wall UFO orb may be a manifestation of now deceased former Canadian NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham’s statements about the existence of a regional galactic governance council, and a predicted acceleration of sightings of the ET council UFOs worldwide in January 2011.

Maariv’s NRG newspaper, which Haaretz reported was seeking to overtake “Ynet's dominant status as Israel's No. 1 news site,” ended its February 1, 2011 front page analysis of the Dome of the Rock UFO orb quoting scientists who have been analyzing the UFO sighting, and the prior appearance on Dec. 16, 2010 of another UFO orb in broad daylight along Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.

Maariv’s Feb. 1, 2011 NRG newspaper reported, 

“Other scientists believe that these two phenomena [the Dome of the Rock UFO and the Wailing Wall UFO orb] are not surprising, because the Wall along with the Temple Mount can definitely be a meeting place between humans and aliens. The scientists stated, "It could well be that the expert Canadian Stanley Fulham's theory about UFOs and the Temple Mount will materialize."

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