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Are aliens around? Internet is set abuzz with the latest posts and videos of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings in Jerusalem; and the military, scientists and people in a few countries where reports of UFO sightings have been occurring for over 60 years, are caught puzzled once again.

While many people claim to have seen aliens (supposedly extraterrestrial beings) coming out of a “UFO craft” after it crashed into Lake Bala that caused the Berwyn Mountain incident on January 23 1974, scientists explained it away as a case of meteor sighting. In the Berwyn Mountain incident, unusual lights in sky accompanied by an earthquake and a blowing sound was reportedly heard. But, police, military and the governments covered up the incidents, say UFO enthusiasts. Eyewitnesses, however, say, alien bodies were taken away by the military, according to a report in Sun.

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