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On Feb 5, 2011, at 11:45 PM, Kim Burrafato wrote:

"Yes, I see that.  Looking more like a hoax. ..."

On Feb 5, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Bruce Maccabee wrote:

"He has pointed out that, in the "American" video which gives a close up view of the
dome, you can see a square grid pattern appear when the camera zooms in.   That is
quite convincingly a video of a computer screen that is showing a still picture of the
dome and surroundings.  Even the "diffraction rays" protruding outward from the
overexposed images of street lights show this rectangular grid effect."

Jack Sarfatti

Donald McLean As long as the focus remains on late arriving "The American" video - distortion also remains a given. The original videos - two of them - with photoflash effect - are not in the same paltry class of fakes.

Jack Sarfatti I don't understand your point here. Please elaborate.

Ryan Vdh

Donald McLean Four different video takes came forward. Three have been synched in real time - making these items less prone to falsification. The hoaxed American submission - full of scripted suggestion - does not show the photoflash effect and it appears that this is the one Maccabee has keyed on for his "analysis". Kim has it right and Maccabee appears to be deliberately barking up the wrong tree.

Donald McLean OK... looks like all four have been synched since my last view - which was maybe 20 minutes ago... Discard the fake and with it Maccabee's wild card begins to look like the 2 of clubs it is.

Bruce Williams Another thought! Any unknown aircraft within 500 miles of the City of Jerusalem would not go unnoticed by the Israeli Air Force and more F-15 Strike Eagles than you can imagine....

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