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This was among the most important cases that occurred in the year 1990. The news media provided ample coverage of the event, and it became known as the “flying house of Los Angeles” case. With over ten years having elapsed from the date of the occurrence, we shall look into the details of the story and learn more about the current situation of the Balboa family, who lived through the events. What happened to the ground research supposedly conducted where the UFO flew over? Have they had further UFO experiences?

We shall first examine the investigation conducted by Ovnivisión Chile only days after the event.

The time was 01:30 hours on April 16, 1990. Octavio del Tránsito Balboa Altamirano, 53, was sleeping peacefully alongside his family, consisting of sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. The night was dark and rainy. Suddenly, they were wakened by a noise, and in a matter of seconds, a very strange force had completely toppled the wooden dwelling.

This event occurred in Maria Dolores, an agricultural district some 10 kilometers northwest of the city of Los Angeles, in the 8th region of our country (Chile). The event received considerable coverage in the spoken and written press alike, but up to that point, the case, aside from being spectacular, has no connection to the UFO phenomenon. This, of course, is because there were other details involved: only 80 meters away from the site, Mrs. Marta Pino Rodriguez saw how a multicolored light approached the location menacingly. This prompted us to visit the location.

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