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Besides the vast caverns in this deep underground base there are also smaller private rooms of various sizes. I’m not talking about the upper levels of which I only know one more level and this level has the observation deck overlooking the main floor and long hallways going different directions cut through solid rock.

To the best of my knowledge I have never been down these hallways and I know nothing about this area of ET’s base of operations. I somehow think this is where ET lives when these extraterrestrials are not working down on the main floor but this is just a guess.

Moving along from one cavern into another cavern is by a long wide path, the floor of which is like the other floors, a highly polished surface that appears to be the rock floor of the cavern. I always marvel at how beautiful the floors are as I have never seen any like these. This path is approximately ten feet wide in most places but does vary slightly along its path.

In between each of these enormous caverns are supports of thick rock walls which are open in places and one will always notice the lack of any right angles or straight lines. Everywhere one looks you will only see curved geometry, even the table I have sat at with these tall aliens was round. This wide pathway moves us abductees from one cavern to the next along this path generally being escorted by the short grays.

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