Photo of UFO’s over Chicago, April 2, 2011

Update: Similar UFOs were filmed Friday night, April 1st, over the skies of Miami. (Video below)

‘I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!’
Chicago witness

‘That was crazy! That was insane! How many did you guys count? I seen over 20.’
Witness who filmed mysterious lights – Youtube video below

Mysterious lights over the skies of Chicago Saturday night, the lights flying in formations that turned ‘multiple’ are causing ‘UFOs’ buzz, the lights witnessed and filmed by multiple people and a followup news report from Chicago’s ABC 7 News. Technically the mysterious lights are UFOS, unidentified flying objects until they’ve been identified. (In the of mysterious lights cases, a serious lack of explanations from the and ‘experts’.) If they remain ‘unexplained’ the questions of, are they intelligent life from another planet–rather bold aliens, blatantly flying over Chicago in plain sight, or, are the objects top secret military ‘Area 51′ flying saucer technology? Another theory bandied about the web, some UFOs are ‘holograms’ that could be part of a top secret government UFO ‘False Flag’ operation.

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