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For years, UFO researchers have focused a wealth of attention upon the classified, UFO-related work of the ultra-secret U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which has its base of operations at Fort Meade, Maryland. Less well know, however, is the sheer extent to which Britain’s own equivalent of the NSA – the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), at Cheltenham, England – has also been implicated, to an astonishing degree, in the secret investigation of UFO activity. However, thanks to the industrious research of a spirited UFO researcher named Robin Cole, we now know that the GCHQ-UFO link is far greater than many have previously realized.

Created only twelve months after the Allied victory over the Nazis in the Second World War, GCHQ has the daunting task of supplying numerous agencies and departments within both Government and the military with intelligence data. It is also involved in various foreign and domestic eavesdropping operations – including the monitoring of emails, faxes and telephone conversations.  Born and bred in Cheltenham, Robin Cole has been fascinated by UFOs since childhood and, in the latter part of 1996, found himself plunged into the murky world of GCHQ, following a spectacular series of UFO incidents that occurred off the east coast of England.

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