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Everyone in the south-west yesterday had their own big bang theory.

Was it an earthquake? Did Tower Hill erupt into action? Did a meteor shower crash to earth, or was it an alien invasion?

The “big bang” was heard about 1am yesterday, with reports of an “explosion” shaking homes in Winslow, Warrnambool and Terang.

“The whole house shook and there was an almighty noise, like a roar,” one Warrnambool resident said yesterday.

“It had my curtains moving and set my car alarm off.”

The noise was said to be accompanied by flashes of light that were variously described as being pink, orange and yellow, and seen as far away as Mortlake and Heywood.

Perry Vlahos, media liaison for the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV), said it was likely that the bang and the flashes of light were caused by a meteor.

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