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When the videos began appearing on You Tube of the UFO over the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount, the hoax busters predictably appeared as well.  That happens with just about every UFO video of significance.

The Jerusalem UFO videos are certainly significant.  As I have stated on air and in publication, this is either one of the most significant UFO events of modern history, or one of the biggest UFO hoaxes of modern history.  Who can forget the "Alien Autopsy" debacle of a few years back?  With the sour taste of that hoax still lingering, we have learned to be cautious with new UFO video releases.  Rightly so.  Unfortunately, some folks are so overly cautious that they throw many babies out with the bath water.  But, it is right to be cautious.

The hoax busters in this case did not, until now, present evidence I found convincing.  One, in particular, was talking about various technical issues that were themselves debunked by a guy doing geometric calculations in his video.  So, it has been a "he said, she said" situation.  Until now.

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