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Chris Robinson, the UK-based psychic who attempted to warn the American CIA in London that New York City towers were in danger of being hit by aircraft -- days prior to the 9/11 events -- is reports a new vision of another skyscraper collapse.

According to Robinson, and Professor Gary E.R. Schwartz of the University of Arizona, visions of 9/11 haunted Robinson's dreams, beginning in early 2001. When UK-based authorities expressed little interest in Robinson's concerns -- this in spite of a track record of alerting UK authorities, and working with Britain's MI5 intelligence service -- Robinson turned to the Americans for validation of his predictive insights.

In August 2001, Robinson arrived at the University of Arizona to conduct a series of informal experimental tests of his abilities at the University of Arizona. The results of Robinson's demonstrations were documented on video and are the subject of a documentary film, "Premonition Man."

Robinson claims to have been contacted by US intelligence minutes after the World Trade Center was hit by two hijacked aircraft. A former senior NSA official confirmed meeting Robinson in the United States following the 9/11 attacks. This information was confirmed to both STARstream Research and a contributing writer for the Washington Post.

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