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I would hardly think there would be any question left as to whether ETs are here, have been here, and are, and have been, on the Moon and Mars. But, with the government not admitting anything and NASA being part of the coverup of the truth, there might be a few people who do not know how much evidence there is. With manned flight ending, and with most orbiting satellite images being retouched, or not disclosed at all, it really is surprising to see exactly what has gotten to the public so far. When a satellite takes a photo of a crater and one section is blurred, it is not because a fly landed on the camera lens. No, it is because NASA got the photo and, essentially, said 'holy crap, we can't let the public see these'. There is much testimony from photo specialists who no longer work for NASA who have stated their jobs were to retouch evidence of UFOs and ETs out of photos!

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