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While the rest of the mainstream media is having a field day obsessing on the obvious dead alien in the snow video hoax from Siberia, a remarkable new video of what appears to be a live alien has surfaced from Mexico on YouTube. First off, this video can only be one of three things: one, an excerpt from some Hollywood sci fi movie that I simply haven't seen yet; two, an extraordinarily sophisticated hoax; or three, the real deal.  Notice the extremely expressive facial muscle and eye movements, as the creature not only blinks convincingly, but even appears to squint. You can also make out what appear to be biological details within the eye, which just happens to be when the creature seems to squint.  Presumably, the video was taken by an infrared video camera.  I'd like to see the rest of the video, if there is any.  My initial visceral, gut reaction was that this is a real, physical creature, and not Hollywood level Golem SFX.  It certainly is NOT a child in a latex alien costume and make-up. Have you ever seen any human with a neck that skinny?  Also, the creature's amazingly limber twist of its upper torso at the end of the video also shows even more detailed body muscle movements. Of course, I'm always open to more prosaic explanations.  We'll see if any reasonable ones are forthcoming.  Some of the YouTube comments below the video are critical, but without any real supportive evidence of an actual hoax.  In the meantime, I remain open minded until convinced otherwise. For now all I can say is wow.

To view the YouTube video, click here.