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On few occasions in this investigation have we had all of the elements on hand to finally reach some conclusions on this phenomenon. First, to bring our readers up to speed, we shall provide you with backup information on the story.

News Item From the Misiones Media:

Ten sheep were mortally attacked in recent weeks in a livestock farmer’s field in this locality, according to eyewitness information presented to the Sheriff’s office, the body that has been investigating the strange event that has shaken the residents of this rural area.

Since the attacks occurred on two occasions and always at night, the caretakers, farm employees and Police officers have set up a rotating watch against the possibility that the strange animal may reappear again. It left sufficiently clear prints to increase suspicions that the police prefers not to encourage for the time being.

The three toed claw prints shown in the photograph are very unlike those that would have been left by any mange infected, hairless dog or coyote.  Of particular interest in the article, is the report by Silvia Perez Simondini and members of the VISION OVNI group.  To read the rest of the article, click here.