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Thousands of awestruck people around the world are seeingand sometimes recordingliteral fleets of UFOs. The unwordly craft dominate the skies over major cities with complete impunity.

Terror over Taiwan

In the video [See here] they arrive without warning and dart across the skies like they own it...and maybe they do.

The UFO armada appeared over Taiwan to the amazement and consternation of pedestrians on the streets far below.

Silent, manueverable, and definitely under the control of some unknown intelligence, the UFOs dipped and looped while the authorities on the ground stood helplessly gaping up at the sky along with thousands of stunned citizens.

"Frightened UFO Investigators?"  You gotta be kidding.  I've been 50 feet away from 'em, and we serious UFO investigators don't get frightened easily.

Obviously, they're actually fleets of Predators and other types of heavily armed classified drones looking for Al Qeada, Obama birthers, Tea Partiers, patriots, and anyone else who pisses off the NWO (:-) To read the rest of the article, click here.