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Bigfoot was a big deal back in the day. Kids naturally grow more skeptical about everything with each passing month, but Bigfoot represented the final frontier.

Santa Claus was a nice dream, but merely a dream. Real or imagined, the Easter Bunny was kind of creepy. And there were serious doubts about the specific intentions of the Tooth Fairy, too.

Bigfoot? Now there's something into which an eight-year-old boy can sink his imagination.

One wouldn't think that anyone in 2011 would be fascinated by Bigfoot, what with all those technological distractions turning us into emotionally dead but quick-to-anger freaks.

Thus, the biggest surprise of the new two-hour Canadian-made special Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide - which debuts Sunday, May 15 on Discovery -- is that there are scientists and amateurs out there who remain dedicated to proving or disproving the existence of Bigfoot.

That's because they are intellectually honest.  Absence of evidence is still not evidence of absence. To read the rest of the article, click here.