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A new age has dawned on all of us; an age of remarkable technology.  We have the ability to scan the heavens and put humans in space.  We can divide cells at the sub-atomic level and unravel DNA.  We know intimately many of the ways the brain functions; how to shape it, recondition it, influence it, reinforce response mechanisms for a desirable outcome.  This knowledge is immediately recognized and utilized in advertising.  Study of human response, which includes how wide the eyes open in the reception of colors and design, facial expressions when introduced to new concepts in packaging, words that denote positive or negative reactions, is utilized to introduce new products or to stimulate interest in old ones.  It is used by medical and psychiatric hospitals to put patients at ease and by hotels and restaurants to give a pleasurable atmosphere to their customers.  This knowledge is also used by the media for publicizing public figures.  They choose the camera angles, edit the script, package the figure they wish to promote or invalidate.  This knowledge owes much of its groundwork to a team of scientists brought to the United States from Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and protected, while they conducted mental experiments on the US enlisted military force.

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