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An amateur fisherman witnessed the maneuvers of three unidentified objects over the banks of the Samborombón River near the town of Ferrari, Buenos Aires. Researchers consider this event important due to the synchronization of the UFOs movements, which according to the protagonist of the extraordinary adventure, even acted as if aware of his lonely presence in the darkness of the early morning hours. The episode, investigated by the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) took place on April 3, 2010 when Sergio Asselborn, a veterinarian from the city of Quilmes, was engaged in one of his hobbies – fishing – in a spot chosen for many years: the Samborombón River, at a spot located over an iron bridge some 30 km from National Highway 2. It was a two o’clock in the morning when Asselborn, as the veterinarian told FAO researchers, underwent a life-changing experience: a buzzing sound similar to that of a beehive prompted him to look up, causing him to see something he had never seen in many years of fishing trips to the site. A plate-shaped UFO was in the sky, surrounded by small orange and red lights that outlined its contour. If something drew the witness’s attention, it was that the object was coming toward him, stopping in a series of repetitive movements that lasted approximately half an hour.

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