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What if there really ARE little green men out there in the vast universe who plan to plop their UFO in a cornfield in Nebraska? That's not just a question for science-fiction writers and 10-year-old boys, but for real scientists with alphabets after their names.

"It's my day job, of course, to look for them," says Dr. Seth Shostek, senior astronomer with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI.) "And I can assure you that I wouldn't do that if I didn't think that there was a good chance for success because it is not that lucrative," he says.

Whenever I see or hear the phrase "little green men" I want to reach for my Glock 23.  Apparently, Mr. Shostek has never bothered to seriously address the voluminous amounts of existing evidence of ongoing extraterrestrial activity right here in the skies of mother Earth. And how does one jump from a position of there being no physical evidence of aliens, to aliens attacking? It's a bit odd, to say the least -- 'If there are aliens, then why haven't they attacked yet?'  kind of logic. I have no doubts that this latest National Geographic special will just be more of the usual, meaningless media distraction.  I guess it's better than watching re-runs of Jersey Shore.  I put this in the Weird Desk because that's where it belongs. To read the rest of the article, click here.