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The modern preoccupation with what ultimately came to be called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) actually began in June, 1947. Although some pro-UFO researchers argue that sightings of UFOs go back to Biblical times, most researchers will not dispute that anything in UFO history can compare with the phenomenon that began in 1947.

What was later characterized as "the UFO Wave of 1947" began with 16 alleged sightings that occurred between May 17 and July 12, 1947, (although some researchers claim there were as many as 800 sightings during that period). There have been numerous UFO photographs from before 1947 (when the UFO phenomenon is often described as having begun) and some probably hoaxed and misunderstood images.

Some believe that ancient stories of cosmic battles were integral to the birth of civilization.

The celestial combat became earthbound as the God of the heavens were replaced with terrestrial kings. This lends credence to Ancient Astronauts.

Bringing that forward into our present day modern history of UFOlogy, the defining year is 1947 when the UFO phenomenon is often described as having begun. That date is July 4, 1947, when the classic case of Roswell happened. This is not, however, the first United States government involvement at Roswell with the retrievals of extraterrestrial and their technology.

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