Shape was formation, and seen for 10 minutes.

Commercial pilots' report to Toronto ATC of unknown fast flying formation, as heard by me on air band radio.

This is not a personal sighting, but a report of a sighting between Toronto Centre ATC (Air Traffic Control) (133.300 MHz AM) and an Air Transport Pilot (Jazz 951?) as heard by me on Air band radio, while driving north on Hwy 400 in Toronto.

Only the pilot's side of the transmission was heard. I missed the initial pilots report, but it continued:

Pilot: "I am a hunter and I can tell you they looked like group of ducks - but ducks flying at 25.1?" (25,100 feet AGL)

"It was pretty fast, whatever it was!"

"I know this will sound weird, but I've seen jets flying out of Cold Lake (Alberta) and it didn't look like that."

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