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The photographer who was sleeping on a terrace on the 21st floor of a Miami beach apartment building one week ago, was awoken by a strange chemical smell.  As the photographer looked up she saw this helicopter looking object between one and two hundred feet from her at the same level of elevation.  But it did not make any noise, and the thing you see that looks like a spot light was not, it was a chemical mist that it was spraying.  After examining the image closely and adjusting the light with Photoshop I can confirm this claim that it was not a helicopter.  The next day she asked around to find out if they spray chemicals on the buildings in the area and no one knew anything about it. Later she discovered that there had been a string of UFO sightings in that area during the same week.

To view the photo, click here.

"How can one see a chemical mist at night? I doubt that. ... I don't think it was a chemical spray. I think it is a police helicopter with a searchlight too far away to hear the motor. How can one see a chemical spray in the dark?" -- Jack Sarfatti
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