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Prompted by the Mars "structure" YouTube video posted on The Two-Way blog the other day, I couldn't resist bringing back a classic, the alien autopsy video.

You will watch, no doubt with your mouth agape, the autopsy of an alien corpse recovered from the remains of his (hers?) spaceship, crashed (shot down?) in Roswell in 1947. You can read a short story on the autopsy here.

The video portrays the exact reversal of what so many abductees say happens to them: the surgical bed, the doctors performing tests, the gruesome nature of the whole thing. (In fact, if you are a sensitive viewer, be advised. It gets gross after about 3 minutes, or so.)

Too bad that Ray Santilli, the video producer responsible for the footage, admitted that the video was a hoax. (Although he did say some frames were original, you know, just to keep believers believing ... )

So, the question is: Why do millions of people believe in such nonsense?

The evidence is right here in the skies of Earth, moron.  Just open your philosophically blinded eyes and look at the voluminous evidence.  To read the rest of the article, click here.
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