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This weekend’s premiere of “Super 8” triggers the latest round of Steven Spielberg ’s fascination with extraterrestrials. His “Falling Skies” series begins June 19 on TNT, and the Spielberg-produced “Cowboys and Aliens” is scheduled for July 29.

What’s got the small circles buzzing this week is how he unexpectedly divulged the details of a White House scene following his 1982 screening of “E.T.” for Ronald Reagan . Rumors about their encounter went public in 1987, when researcher Bill Moore announced at a MUFON conference how, after the film ended, the president confided to the young director, “You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is.”

Think I'll pass on the stupid films and TV series. But the historical account of the alleged encounter with Reagan is interesting, and not surprising, if true.  To read the rest of the article, click here.
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