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We recently reported on an interview with movie producer/director, Steven Spielberg, in which he finally admitted that during a viewing of his movie ET: The Extra-Terrestrial at the White House, President Reagan commented that “there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.” The room erupted with laughter and everyone, including Spielberg, assumed that Reagan was joking.

If Reagan wasn’t joking, who was in the room that might have known his comment was true? Luckily, through the hard work of Grant Cameron, founder of, we now know who was at that movie showing. He was able to receive a complete list of attendees through the Reagan Library, you can see it here.

At first glance, the top suspects would most likely be the Administrator of NASA and the two astronauts who were present. Astronauts, Colonel Joseph Engle and Captain Richard Truly , a few months prior to the showing, had been the crew of STS-2, the second flight of the brand new Space Shuttle Columbia. This was the second flight of any space shuttle, and served as an orbital test flight. Reagan visited Mission Control during the flight. This was the first space mission for both astronauts.

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