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According to information from Michael Horn, the American media representative for Swiss prophet Billy Meier, the hundreds of nuclear power plants on Earth, which are now at increased risk from severe solar flare activity in 2012, are effectively huge, atomic "suicide bombs" against which humanity has absolutely no protection.

Meier, who's published volumes of unerringly accurate, scientific information decades ahead of scientists, said that the Fukushima catastrophe is already considered a "super worst-case-scenario" by the extraterrestrials who have provided him with information for over 69 years - even though it's still not fully reported in the media. He claims that plutonium has already started to contaminate the sea and all life in it, which could potentially affect countless millions of human beings, despite being denied by various vested interests. Meier also stated that smaller atomic power plant accidents have already occurred but have been hidden from the public.

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