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They've been hunting for Bigfoot for years. Now a local paranormal group says it has the most convincing evidence yet. These trackers say Bigfoot is not too far from our backyard.

Over the years they've had close encounters but they say their newest find provides them with DNA to prove this is no myth.  

Jeffrey Gonzales of the Sanger Paranormal Society claims an impression left on a pickup window is the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson film of 1967. "As it backed off it left an impression on the passenger window. Whatever it was, it was oily, greasy dirty because you can see the facial features."

Gonzales probably sees more than most of us but here is how the impression got on his pickup. He and his fellow Bigfoot trackers went to their "special spot" two and a half hours east of Fresno. They say it requires driving winding dirt roads before you get to 55–hundred feet.

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